PAY ATTENTION! New procedures for granting the approval of Bioethics Center at for student research projects at LUHS.

General information:

If you are planning scientific research (for bachelor or master thesis or other purposes) you should obtain the institutional approval granted by Bioethics Center at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.

Accordingly, you should:

  • prepare the application documents in written form (see below for details);
  • submit the properly prepared application to Bioethics Center office (see details in CONTACTS) for ethical review;
  • your application is being evaluated in 30 calendar days after registration;
  • you are informed on granted approval for your research project or you are asked to edit, adjust or amend the application according to reviewers’ comments or recommendations;
  • after receiving the approval (original document), you may start your research, data collection etc.

- - -

The list of documents to be provided to the Bioethics Center:

1. The request application. See the template form here.
2. The self-assessment form of student researchSee the form here (you can download, save and edit in your computer).
3. The copy of all research instruments (i.e. survey questionnaires, data collection forms, other sort of instruments etc.).
4. The information sheet and consent forms (only of applicable in your research). See the template form here.

  Note – in cases of anonymous surveys, retrospective studies proceeded by students for academic purposes,          written forms of informed consent is not required).

5. The permission of the head of institution (or head of clinics or department in case of study in LUHS or LUHS    Hospital Kaunas Klinikos). See the sample of free form here.

6. Other documents related to your research (for example, the CE certificate for medical devices, the qualification certificate,  other necessary permissions or approvals from other internationals institutions if your study covers institutions out of Lithuania).
7. The copy of the official approval from national or regional bioethics committee if you are involved in biomedical research.

Document samples for granting students' laboratory research are available here

The application review is based on the ethical evaluation questionnaire (available soon).