Recognition of Foreign Qualifications

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) was given the right to carry out the academic recognition of foreign qualifications related to higher education and acquired in accordance with the educational programs of foreign states and international organizations on March 14, 2026 (Order of the Minister of Education and Science, No. V-185).

The evaluation and recognition of qualifications is the main step of admission procedure and all applicants must pass the recognition process of their credentials. By submitting the application, applicant confirms that submitted documents are correct, truthful and complete. University has a right to verify the authenticity and accuracy of the provided documents and consult with the national ENIC/NARIC Centre - The Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC) for more detailed information about your qualification and recommendation hereof.

Applicants shall be eligible to enter university studies according to the level of qualification from prior education. High school matriculation or university diplomas are verified according the required level of education and shall pass validation of authenticity. The process is performed following Procedure for Academic Recognition of Foreign Qualifications and Quality Assurance System for Decision-Making.

Prior to making a recognition decision, the University considers the General Recommendations of the SKVC for education systems of the respective countries. In the absence of general recommendations, University requests the SKVC for an individual recommendation for each specific qualification.

Refugees and persons from conflict zones who are unable to submit original documents, etc., or when qualifications have been acquired in non-traditional ways apply formally for consultation with the SKVC and follow their recommendations. If any case, you may find more info: (

As well, during the process of evaluation and recognition of qualifications University is basing on the following national and international legislation:


If you do have any query regarding acceptability and recognition of your education certificates, please contact the admission officers:

Rūta Antanaitienė
International Programme Coordinator
International students' admission

Visiting address: Medical Academy (room 111)
A. Mickevičiaus 9, Kaunas
Phone: +370-37-327259
Mobile: +370-652-90747

Simona Černiauskienė
International Programme Coordinator
International students' studies

Visiting address: Medical Academy (room 112)
A. Mickevičiaus 9, Kaunas
Phone: +370-37-395801



The applicant shall submit one application form, which provides information and copies of documents required for both the admission procedure and the evaluation of documents (personal information (CV); contact information; an electronic copy of an identity document; electronic copies of educational documents and appendices; a certificate of English language proficiency; additional documents proving the level of education, if necessary). For more detailed description of required education certificates, please, check the admission requirements applied on each study programme:

The documents submitted by the applicant must meet the following requirements:

− the documents must be official, i.e., issued by authorized, competent and accredited bodies;

− electronic copies are made from the originals or properly certified copies (the originals of the mentioned documents are required to confirm the decision upon arrival to study);

− the submitted document must certify the final qualification of secondary or higher education (preliminary education documents may be submitted at the initial stage, if at the time of submitting the documents, the training or studies have not been completed or the documents have not been issued by the teaching or research and study institution);

− documents are provided in the original language, and an official translation of the documents into English or Lithuanian (at the applicant’s choice) is requested when the language of the document is other than English.


The applicant disagreeing with the LSMU decision on foreign academic recognition of qualifications has right to submit an appeal to the Appeal Commission for the recognition of education and qualifications related to higher education and acquired according to the educational programs of foreign states and international organizations, established by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (see DURATION OF RECOGNITION PROCEDURE AND RIGHT TO APPEAL). 

The applicant has right to get clear, complete and constantly updated and revised information. The information is easily accessible and provided in various forms (on the website, by e-mail, telephone, in person, etc.)., see contacts admission officers.

Communication between the applicant and the University is proceeded in English only. Evaluation and recognition of qualifications are carried out free of charge.

General descriptions of education systems applied in the particular country and awarded academic qualifications you may find under the following link:

Specific requirements applied by LSMU to the education certificates you may find:

Final decision on each recognition of qualification will be considered by University individually basing on the provided education documents.


Applicants who applied for studies at LSMU and provided all required education certificates will be informed about the acceptability of the provided documents in 72 hours from the date of submission. Final decision about recognition of education qualification will be made only following the completion of all stages of inspection and assessment, but not later than within 1 month from the date of the receipt of documents. Decision about recognition of qualification as suitable for admission to a certain study program (cycle) will be provided on the applicant’s personal application online file.  In case the qualification is not recognized, an electronic letter is issued clearly stating the reasons for the decision and proving information on the possibility to file a reasoned appeal should the applicant disagree with the decision.

Academic recognition decisions regarding foreign qualifications and issued by the University can be appealed against to the Academic Recognition of Foreign Qualifications Concerning Higher Education Appeal Committee under the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education.  A signed appeal should be filed within 14 days from the receipt of the decision from the higher education institution. The appeal should be addressed to the Committee and include personal data (name and surname of person who presents appeal, living address, contact e-mail and phone), a valid form of identification, an explanation as to why the decision is contested and all the supporting documentation.

All appeals must be submitted to:
Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education
Tel: +37052104778
Fax: +37052132553

Address: A. Goštauto st. 12, LT-01108, Vilnius, Lithuania

More info:


Each application period University gets a lot of applications to start studies at any of study programmes within the field of bioscience.  All applications are precisely checked and evaluated.  During admission periods of 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 University had received about 1100 applications and approximately 5 – 7 percent of provided education certificates have been rejected and academic qualifications were not recognized due to various reasons.