Former LSMU Ambassadors

 LSMU Ambassadors


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Name: Madeline Elsheikh
Study programme: Pharmacy
Country: Ireland

Diversity is a key to education. So it made sense to provoke myself into a new dimension. LSMU has taught me about the beauty of a new cultural scene as well as provided me with the substantial education for my future pharmacy career.  I could never imagine living without the experiences I had in Kaunas, LSMU is definitely not one of my regrets.

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Name: Basel Sijari
Study programme: Medicine
Country: Syria

The staff and students are all friendly, the course is brilliant. The University is an extremely beautiful college with a focus on the students. Great education, nice environment, great spirit. The social life is great and the campus provides a safe and friendly environment to live in.

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Name: Rezwan Hussain
Study programme: Medicine
Country: UK

While studying at the LSMU I have had best of times and worst of times but the best of times has outweighed the worst of times so far. I have met some wonderful people, talented professors and made some amazing friends. Our study structure is reasonably good so one can find the right balance between social and academic life.  

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Name: Anish Thomas
Study programme: Medicine
Country: UK

Kaunas and the LSMU has been my home for the past 3 years. I can confidently say that my time here has been more than memorable in fact it has been life changing. The University and the city like many other things in life are at balance. The cold winter is made better by the memories of that gone golden autumn, the long (sometimes never ending) lectures are made bearable by the smell of that lasagne from the canteen you will go to later, or quiet early bus journeys to classes that are made more entertaining by the amazing bunch of people you meet in Kaunas.

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Name: Jithin Thomas
Study programme: Medicine
Country: UK

For almost 4 years now, the LSMU as an institution has treated me with respect, integrity and provided me with good quality problem based learning education. For some it might be a daunting task to move away from the family and friends but, as a student, I can surely say that you will be surrounded by amazing people and in no time you will become a part of the LSMU family.

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Name: Ariel Krutouz
Study programme: Medicine
Graduation year: 2017
Country: Israel

Studying medicine at the LSMU gives you not only an opportunity to become a doctor but also to live in a new environment, see a different culture, learn a new language, and interact with people from all over the world. Besides you can travel around Europe during your holidays. Make your own 6-year-long adventure!

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Name: Christopher Germany
Study programme: Odontology
Graduation year: 2017
Country: Lebanon

LSMU is inspiring not only because of its teaching system but also due to the opportunities it provides. With a wide access to resources, hands-on training and sports, it has shaped my life to find balance between the studies and social life.

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Name: Tomas Kurakovas
Study programme: Medicine
Graduation year: 2017
Country: Russia

The first positive impression was the hospitality and kindness of our new teachers. I didn’t realised that I could meet students from all European countries and discover something new about their life and culture for myself. In the University clinics, I further engaged in scientific activities, which allowed me to participate in many European and world conferences, getting acquainted with the leading physicians from different fields of medicine. Moreover, over the last six years, the University and Kauno Klinikos have made a significant progress regarding educational and technical matters.

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Name: Baktash Wejdan
Study programme: Odontology
Country: Sweden

University gives an opportunity to study and helps with studies in different ways. What I like most is that we have studies in cycles, which allows me to focus on one subject in a period. I have also lots of practical work with patients and different cases which give me lots of experience. All this makes me feel confident about my future as a dentist.

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Name: Alan Bareiss
Study programme: Medicine
Country: Germany

Coming to study to Kaunas was an opportunity and a challenge in one. Looking back after living here for more than three years makes me smile. Of course there were some obstacles to overcome but they are outweighed easily by the many international friends who have become my family. Abstract medical concepts have become clear thanks to the problem based learning approach applied at the University and the country has changed from "somewhere in eastern Europe" to a place worth living in.

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Name: Lamees Hejazi
Study programme: Medicine
Country: Jordan

At the LSMU you must strive to thrive. With a good deal of management you can excel at your studies and also engage in abundant activities, which keep you busy all year. Don’t believe me?! Come try yourself!

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Name: Hassan El Jesr
Study programme: Medicine
Country: Lebanon

Studying medicine at the LSMU is challenging. Nevertheless LSMU strives to give you more than education. It provides you with the kind of knowledge and skills you need in your future professional life, and contributes into building leaders. This prestigious university offers great opportunities!

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Name: Dominika Pomykala
Study programme: Odontology
Country: Poland

Studying at the LSMU is a great experience. The University provides tools necessary to develop skills and obtain knowledge in various areas in life. Students have their own voice in the educational process and professors are nice and friendly. Being an international student gives me the possibility to meet people from all around the world, learn about their culture, traditions and way of life.

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Name: Awaz Hashim
Study programme: Medicine
Country: Sweden

Being an international medical student at the LSMU is very challenging, interesting and sometimes even stressful. However, it is highly rewarding especially knowing what you’re working to. If you study hard and want to learn, you can fulfil your dream of becoming a good doctor. Studying in Lithuania has given me many opportunities to meet new people with different ideas, values and views to life from various parts of the world.

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Name: Kiefer Trenholm-Jensen
Study programme: Medicine
Country: Sweden

I love studying medicine and I am very grateful to the LSMU for giving me an opportunity to do that. It has been a great ride so far. I enjoy interacting with the dedicated staff and a truly special group of students. I also love sushi and there are about 10 different sushi restaurants in Kaunas. I am very happy to be able to talk to prospective applicants and provide any information I can!

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Name: Samah Hussein
Study programme: Medicine

Studying medicine is a long journey. It is a life changing experience. Studying at the  LSMU does not only help you to fully experience life of a medical student, but it also gives you an opportunity to discover yourself and reach your goals in the best way you can. As a third-year LSMU student, I can honestly say that so far it has truly been an amazing journey and I am glad to be a student of this University.

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Name: Gabrielė Gugytė
Study programme: Odontology

It’s been a really great experience studying at the LSMU. I am a fourth year odontology student. Teachers here are very helpful and the courses give you a lot of hands on experience! It’s a friendly environment which prepares you for your future and all its endeavors! Heard nothing but good things from the graduates and hope you will come study here at the LSMU!

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Name: Ann Rameshkumar 

Study programme: Medicine
Country: Sri Lanka

I believe that the LSMU has made me a more confident and independent individual. It has opened the doors that I had never thought could be accessed. Most importantly, I'm in love with what I'm studying right now. There is a lot of practical experience as well as many placement opportunities especially for me, a Sri Lankan. Because graduating with a European degree allows me to work not only in my country but also in Europe. Finally, the most important thing for me about the University is the chance to grow as a person as well as develop academically.

 antonrubis.jpg (226x169, 169x169)

Name:  Anton Rubis

Study programme: Odontology
Country: Belarus

Students have a lot of practise and I really like how the system works in here. Our family friends graduated from this University and have achieved a lot. I am really happy to be a part of LSMU

 doniaabdellattif.jpg (200x126, 200x113)

Name: Donia Abd El Lattif

Study programme: Odontology
Country: Sweden 

My advice is to always plan your time ahead for studies and remember that eventually the result will be fulfilling.