Ambassadors from Sweden

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Ambassadors from Sweden

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Name: Caroline Petersson
Study programme: Veterinary Medicine
Study year: 4

I have always known that I want to become a veterinarian but to move abroad was a big decision for me. Today I am so happy I decided to move across the Baltic Sea to fulfil my dreams and I am still discovering advantages of studying abroad. The biggest advantages of the LSMU are that we can study in smaller groups and always have a chance to consult the professors. Besides, Kaunas is an absolutely charming city with lots of fantastic food and a great nightlife. I can highly recommend you to apply for your future education at the LSMU.

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Name: Durckheim Blessing
Study programme: Medicine
Study year: 4

As a medical student with very medical background I find LSMU being a very inspiring university, not only due to its teaching system but also due to the opportunities it provides. The university has a wide access to resources, hands-on training and many opportunities for me to learn as much as I need, it has helped me understand myself better and equipped me with all the knowledge I need to become a great Medical Doctor in the nearby future.

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Name: Mariam Atash Afrouz
Study programme: Medicine
Study year: 3

The university resources are plenty and the LSMU does not hold any doors closed for the ambitious student. Good student organizations, activities and a nice city to spend your free time away from education!

Studying at the LSMU was the hardest but yet the best decision I've ever made. It’s a university with a lot of opportunities and experiences. What I like most is that we have studies in cycles, which allows me to focus on one subject in a period. I enjoy the learning method called problem- based learning which gives me the understanding of what it is to be a doctor.

This university will not only give you a high quality education in medicine but it will also add to your personal development.