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 Ambassadors from Finland

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Name: Alina Pugatcheva
Study programme: Veterinary Medicine
Study year: 5

The LSMU has changed my life completely. I am forever grateful to this university for giving me a chance to study veterinary medicine and making my childhood dream come to life. When the time came to move to Kaunas, it felt natural for me to begin a new chapter of my life here. I accepted my offer in a heartbeat and I have never looked back on my decision.
My time here can be compared to a rollercoaster as there have been many ups and downs along the way, some bigger than the others, but through this, I have grown so much as a person and have met incredible people from all over the world and bonded with amazing friends who share the same passions as me. What I appreciate about my studies here is that the study groups are small and the professors are always trying to help you as much as possible. Acquiring a Veterinary Medicine degree in Kaunas gives me numerous opportunities to work abroad in the future and to get necessary contacts with international colleagues for future networking.