Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

image4.jpg (regular, 500x333)The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of LSMU is the only institution in Lithuania to award master’s degrees and qualifications in veterinary surgery, bachelor’s and master’s degree in veterinary food safety. The Faculty offers studies of bachelor’s and master’s degree in Food Sciences since 2013.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine creates a healthy and sustainable environment for animals and humans through studies of veterinary medicine, food sciences and food safety, research, practice and innovations.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has more than 80 years of deeply rooted traditions in teaching veterinary professionals. The Faculty has more than 1250 students.

The Faculty prepares veterinary surgeons and specialists of food science and safety, who could compete on the international level and who would have general and professional competences of top level, who would be ready to learn the entire life, to work for public benefit, and to maintain relations with the Faculty.14.jpg (regular, 500x333)

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine creates technologies and innovations that would secure health of animals and that would be related to food science and safety through implementation of fundamental and applied researches of veterinarian and agricultural sciences of top level, and to implant them in practice. 

The Faculty develops and cherishes international relations and cooperation with foreign partners and alumni of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in the areas of studies, science and practice. The Faculty has numerous agreements with the food industry, animal clinics, pharmaceutical companies and establishments where students can gain practical skills.