About Center of Veterinary Medicine Simulation

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Head of the Center
Agnė Beleckė

Vaida Jokubauskienė

On 28 of March, 2018 council of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences made the decision to establish Center of Veterinary Medicine Simulation in LSMU Veterinary Academy Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

The purpose of the Center is to enable the continuous training of practical skills in veterinary medicine by using veterinary medical simulation methods.

Veterinary medicine simulation center is the place, where students can learn practical skills without doing any harm to the animal, because artificial patients or their parts are used in the learning process (manikins, etc.). Each student can arrange their own individual practical session schedule, enabling them to study at their own pace. Practical skills are developed in a safe and stress less environment, where there is no risk of harming animals. Students might make mistakes and learn from them, which is an important part of the learning process. After getting some practical skills at the center students become well prepared for the clinical studies, internships and work. Laboratory workshops on practical skills and clinical subjects also take place at the Center of veterinary medicine.


pdf-logo.jpg (90x68, 68x68) Rules of the Center of Veterinary Medicine Simulation
pdf-logo.jpg (90x68, 68x68) VMSC List of Stations and Manikins


List of Stations and Manikins

  1. Hand wash and hand rub.cistocentez.jpg (226x169, 225x169)
  2. Needles, intravenous catheter and syringes.
  3. Injection training pad.
  4. Injection puppy.
  5. Gowning.
  6. Sterile gloving.
  7. Intravenous manipulation table.intraveninsmanipuliacijos.jpg (226x169, 225x169)
  8. Canine intravenous leg training model.
  9. Intravenous fluid therapy set up.
  10. Intravenous fluid therapy calculation.
  11. Canine eye anatomy model.
  12. Canine jaw model.
  13. Feline jaw model.
  14. Feline CPR training manikin.injekcijuniukasirpagalvl.jpg (226x169, 225x169)
  15. Canine CPR training manikin.
  16. Canine bandaging manikin.
  17. Canine breath heart sound BHS simulator training model.
  18. Cysto cat manikin.
  19. Dermatology tests.
  20. Model - trauma cat.
  21. Surgical knots.skubipagalba.jpg (226x169, 225x169)
  22. Surgical sutures.
  23. Canine intubation training manikin.
  24. Canine positioning manikin.
  25. Equine palpation/colic simulator with Equine neck venipuncture/intramuscular injection.
  26. Suture training pad.
  27. X-ray pictures.
  28. Diagnostic ultrasound machine.
  29. Blood smear microscopy.
  30. Sperm pathology calculation.
  31. Blood morphological and biochemical tests.
  32. Clinical cases/communication with the client.
  33. Dogs and cats handling and restraint.
  34. Ophthalmic examination of small animals.
  35. Blood smear preparation and staining.
  36. Surgical dexterity practice box.
  37. Surgical suture materials.
  38. Prescription writing.