About the Bioethics Center

The Bioethics Center of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LUHS) is a non-academic functional unit of the University, which provides all students, residents, their managers and all researchers with ethical evaluation and consulting services and recommendations on bioethics education.

The mission of the Bioethics Center at LUHS is ...

  • to carry out ethical supervision student (bachelor or master thesis)  orother non-medical research, assessing their compliance with general principles of research ethics;

  • to develop ethical monitoring of research and to develop a consistent ethical review algorithm;

  • to carry out an independent ethical review of student and non-biomedical research projects by issuing an approval on institutional level.

How does this benefit you?

 The center might help you:

  • to develop a high culture of research and academic activity;

  • to form the necessary ethical competencies for health professionals;

  • to ensure the implementation of the value provisions declared in the LSMU Code of Ethics, national legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and international documents in the study process and in students' research activities.

 What result to expect?

  • You will learn how to design and organize your research project methodologically properly ethically (by corresponding to internationally recognized ethical requirements).

  • You will gain ethical competencies related to research such as informed consent of voluntary research participant (subject), to assure the privacy of the subjects, the confidentiality and anonymity of their personal data, and to maximize social and scientific benefits and minimize potential harm or potential risk to subjects in the broadest sense. and to ensure the protection of dignity and human rights in the biomedical sciences.

  • You will develop your awareness of 'SCIENTIFIC INTEGRITY' and prepare yourself for future research activities and and professional practices.