PhD studies 2013-2018

PhD students leded and lead by researchers from the Institute of Endocrinology 2013-2018 and thems of doctoral works 

1.     PhD. Gailytė Ieva. Associations between vitamin D concentration, body composition, endocrine and psychological state and life quality in young healthy men (Supervisor PHD Gintautas Kazanavičius, Date of PhD thesis defence 4 of June 2013).

2.     PhD Dubosienė Rūta. Associations between diabetic ulcers caused by diabetes mellitus and life quality, psychological, sociodemographic, and clinical factors of diabetes (Supervisor PHD Rita Šulcaitė, Date of PhD thesis defence 9 of August 2013).

3.     PhD Giedrė Vasylienė. Associations between pituitary endocrine function, body composition, psychological state and life quality after traumatic brain injury (Supervisor PHD Rimantas Žalinkevičius, Date of PhD thesis defence 27 of August 2013).

4.     PhD Dalia Daukšienė. Prognostic factors predicting the medical therapy failure in Graves' disease (Supervisor PHD Narseta Mickuvienė, Date of PhD thesis defence 28 of August 2013).

5.     PhD Jonas Čeponis. Reproductive function of young and middle-aged men: relation to antropometric, metabolic and psychological state (Supervisor PhD Romualdas Tomas Preikša, Date of PhD thesis defence 23 of June 2014).

6.     PhD Lina Čiaplinskienė. The impact of hormonal contraception on the changes of metabolic, androgen, blood coagulation parameters and sexual function in female. (Supervisor Prof. PhD Birutė Žilaitienė, Consultant prof. Johannes Bitzer, Date of PhD thesis defence 25 of August 2016).

7.     PhD Natalija Smetanina. Overweight and obesity in children and adolescents: etiology, complications and effects of 12-months intervention (Supervisor Prof. PhD Rasa Verkauskienė, Date of PhD thesis defence 30 of August 2016).

8.     Miglė Francaitė – Daugelienė. The influence of gestational diabetes and obesity on health of mothers and their offspring (Supervisor Prof. PhD Džilda Veličkienė, Date of PhD thesis defence 5 of July 2018 ).

9.     Rūta Navardauskaitė. Population-based cohort study of congenital adrenal hyperplasia in Lithuania: correlation of genotype-phenotype (Supervisor Prof. PhD Rasa Verkauskienė).

10.  Rūta Krikščiūnienė. Relationship between cardiometabolic, hormonal, genetic risk factors and aortic dilatation in Turner syndrome. (Supervisor Prof. PhD Birutė Žilaitenė).

11.  Aistė Kondrotienė. The study of diagnostic and prognostic epigenetic biomarkers in papillary thyroid cancer. (Supervisor Prof. PhD Birutė Žilaitienė, Consultant Prof. PhD Krystian Jażdżewski).

12.  Edita Prakapienė. The relationship between genetic, clinical, environmental factors, hormonal changes and diabetic nephropathy due to type 1 diabetes mellitus. (Supervisor PhD Lina Radzevičienė, Consultant Prof. PhD Rasa Verkauskienė).

13.  Dovilė Ražanskaitė-Virbickienė. The characteristics of autonomic neurvous system and their associations with cardiovascular events and quality of life among patients with diabetes mellitus (Supervisor PhD Rimantas Žalinkevičius).

14.  Ingrida Stankutė. Investigation of beta-cell function and new gene mutations among patients with non-autoimmune diabetes. (Supervisor Prof. PhD Rasa Verkauskienė).

15.  Diana Šimonienė. The investigation of etiology and pathogenesis of severe insulin resistance (Supervisor  Prof. PhD. Dzilda Velickiene).