Department of Environmental and Occupational Medicine

Address: Tilžės g. 18, Kaunas LT-47181

Prof. Rūta Ustinavičienė
Phone: +370 37 327360

Study administrator
Sigutė Šuliauskė
Phone: +370 37 327374

About us

Department of Hygiene and bacteriology was founded at 1922 in Lithuanian University. First head of the department was professor A.Jurgeliūnas. From 1934 up to 1968 the Hygiene Department head was professor J. Šopauskas, who formed the main research and methodological directions of the department. From 1968 up to 1980 head of the department was associated professor J.Rauba.  In 1977 Department of Hygiene was united with department of Social hygiene and Health care organisation. Head of this department from 1980 up to 1986 and from 1990 up to 2004 was professor V.Obelenis, from 1986 up to 1991 professor J.Petrauskienė. At 1991 Hygiene Department, which later, in 1995 was renamed into Department of Environmental and Occupational Medicine was restored. From 2004 the department is headed by professor Rūta Ustinavičienė

The main research areas of the Department scientists are investigations of hygienic work conditions, the evaluation of the psychophysiological changes in working organism, the analysis of general and occupation - related morbidity at textile, metal processing, chemistry enterprises, transport, wood processing plants and other industries.  Research works are also concentrated to analysis of cancerogenesis, cancer epidemiology in various occupations, health effects of computer work, occupational medicine at health institutions, work ergonomic and musculoskeletal problems.

Department is in collaboration with the Lithuanian higher education institutions - VU Institute of Public Health, Kaunas University of Technology Department of Ergonomic, Distance study center.  Department of Environmental and Occupational medicine is in active co-operation with the Ministries of  Social Security and Labour, Ministry of Health, Department of Public health authorities. Department staff is involved in the preparation of  new legislation and hygiene projects. Department employees are working  at the Central Occupational Medicine Expert Commission under Ministry of Health. International contacts are maintained and developed with the Polish Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine, Latvian Occupational Medicine Center, Porto university researchers. Department actively participates in the International Health Promoting Hospitals Network. 

Department of Environmental and Occupational Medicine is teaching Environmental medicine, Occupational medicine, Health ecology, Ecology, Health care workers occupational health, Healthy diet and Nutrition basics, Travel medicine, Environmental toxicology, Children environment and health, Baltic Sea environment and health, Personal and Military hygiene, Ergonomics, Basic of Health and Safety at work and other disciplines.




Study program



The main research areas:

  • Impact of the environmental factors to human health;
  • Impact of occupational factors to workers health;
  • Impact of climatic and  heliophysical factors to human health;
  • Stress and bullying: genesis, development, psychophysiological diagnostic, influence to the health and prophylaxis;
  • Health problems working with computers;
  • Work conditions and health of office workers;
  • Cancerogenes and epidemiology of occupational cancer;
  • The investigations of ergonomic, psychophysiologic factors at industry;
  • Work conditions and health of medical workers.