About us


Institute of Pharmaceutical Technologies is a faculty department of scientific activity organization that covers the following activities:

  • High-level fundamental and applied research, experimental development;
  • Innovation creation;
  • Provision of services for physical and juridical persons;
  • Participation in study programmes, research and specialist training.

Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology (IPT), established on March 1, 2018,  is located in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Centre for the Advanced Pharmaceutical and Health Technologies of „Santaka“ Valley. Since 2014, modern fundamental and applied research, instrumental analytical studies are being developed, and business orders are transacted in the center. Investigation performed at the center is targeted to comercialization and innovation.

Pharmaceutical and analytical research is constantly carried out in LHSU Faculty of Pharmacy. Studies are integrated between fundamental and applied knowledge targeted to drug substances, drug forms, food supplements, and cosmetics development. High-level competence and practical knowledge are gathered by qualified scientists and research services are being offered.