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Institute of Pharmaceutical Technologies is a faculty department of scientific activity organization that covers the following activities:

  • High-level fundamental and applied research, experimental development;
  • Innovation creation;
  • Provision of services for physical and juridical persons;
  • Participation in study programmes, research and specialist training.

Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology (IPT), established on March 1, 2018,  is located in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Centre for the Advanced Pharmaceutical and Health Technologies of „Santaka“ Valley. Since 2014, modern fundamental and applied research, instrumental analytical studies are being developed, and business orders are transacted in the center. Investigation performed at the center is targeted to comercialization and innovation.

Pharmaceutical and analytical research is constantly carried out in LHSU Faculty of Pharmacy. Studies are integrated between fundamental and applied knowledge targeted to drug substances, drug forms, food supplements, and cosmetics development. High-level competence and practical knowledge are gathered by qualified scientists and research services are being offered.


IPT is functioning as a base for studies, where students perform their experiments and prepare their master theisis. Doctoral studies are carried out as well.

Research areas

LSMU Biopharmaceutical Research Laboratory complies with the requirements of LST EN ISO IEC 17025: 2018 and is accredited to perform research on medicinal substances. Accreditation certificate No.LA.184-01 Accreditation area:

Research object

Test / trial components, parameters or characteristics

Mark, chapter, item in the document setting out the methods

(if applicable)

Method type, principle and / or

equipment used

(if applicable)

Melissa officinalis leaves

Rosmarinic acid

Eur. Ph. 01/2011:1447

Liquid chromatography


The purpose of the quality management system of the Laboratory of Biopharmaceutical Research is to give social and scientific partners and research clients confidence about the quality of the performed research. The aim of the Accreditation of the Laboratory of Biopharmaceutical Research: to attract national and international clients and partners and to fully exploit the potential of the Santaka Valley Center for Advanced Pharmaceutical and Health Technology and to develop high quality pharmaceutical research.
Other verified and implemented assays: Determination of total anthraquinones and hydroxyanthracene glycosides of Sennae foliolum (Senna alexandrina Mill. (syn. Cassia acutifolia Delile, Cassia angustifolia Vahl).) by liquid chromatography (Eur. Ph. 04/2020:0206)

Research topic of the laboratory: “Investigation of quality indices of biopharmaceutical and co-products and development of methodological solutions”. Subtopics:

● Development of analytical methodological conditions (preparation of analytical samples, chromatographic separation) for investigation of composition of active ingredients and excipients, intermediate and finished products.
● Development of biopharmaceutical research for the investigations of the qualitative characteristics of active and auxiliary substances, intermediates and final products used in the manufacture of medicines. 
● Application of innovative and selective analytical methodologies for the assessment of composition variation of plant raw materials and products
● Studies on herbal raw materials and phytopreparations (composition, antioxidant activity and bioactivity studies).
● Development and implementation of analytical methodologies, including implementation and development of specialized (including accredited) procedures.
● Research and experimental development activities carried out in response to the needs of clients (business entities).


Development eubiotic multifunctional neutraceutics (EUNUTRITECH). 01.2.2- LMT-K718-01- 0062. Project value 699.966,93 Eur. Research Council of Lithuania, No. 01.2.2-LMT-K-718. „Targeted Research in Smart Specialisation Areas’ (Funding instrument - European Regional Development Fund)“

Project supervisor: Valdas Jakštas

Available services

Ultraperformance liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry investigations:
    ● Investigations on various drugs and their metabolites.
    ● Investigations on phenolic acids and flavonoids in plant raw materials and phytopreparations.
    ● Investigations on organic acids.
    ● Investigations  on oxydated lipids.
    ● Investigations on peptides.


High performance liquid chromatography investigations:
    ● Qualitative and quantitative analysis of phenolic compounds in apple sample extracts;
    ● Qualitative and quantitative analysis of triterpenic compounds in apple sample extracts;
    ● Qualitative and quantitative analysis of phenolic compounds in pear sample extracts.
    ● Application of Other Liquid Chromatography Methods according to Ph. Eur. 2.2.29.


Spectrophotometric investigations:
    ● Determination of total phenolic content using Folin–Ciocalteu assay
    ● Determination of total flavonoid content
    ● Determination of total proanthocyanidin content
    ● Determination of total hydoxycinnamic acid content
    ● Determination of total anthocyanin content
    ● Radical scavenging activity determination using ABTS, DPPH and TFPH assays
    ● Reducing activity determination using FRAP ir CUPRAC assays  


Biopharmaceutical research:
    ● Rheological test (Evaluation of rheological properties of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food products);
    ● Dissolution test (Dissolution test for solid dosage forms (tablets,  capsules, powders, granules,  suppositories (according to Ph. Eur. 2.9.3 and 2.9.42 monographs)
    ● Particle size determination (determination of particle size of microemulsions, nanostructured carriers with ZetaSizer;      ● Determination of particle size of emulsions and suspensions with MasterSizer).


Formulation of various pharmaceutical forms and cosmetic products:
    ● Tablets, capsules
    ● Granules, microcapsules
    ● Solutions, syrups
    ● Ointments, gels
    ● Creams, milks, etc.

Collaboration and partnerships

Departments of LHUS

  • Academy of Veterinary
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Institute of Neurosciences
  • Institute of Cardiology
  • Development Department
  • Health Care Innovation Development Center
  • LHUS Pharmacy


Interinstitutional collaboration

VMU Faculty of Informatics

ASU Faculty of Agronomy

KTU Faculty of Chemical Technology


Collaboration with busines partners

UAB „Aconitum“

UAB „Acorus calamus“

UAB ,,Širdažolė“

AB ,,Vilkyškių pieninė“

UAB „Medicata Filia“

UAB „Akvavita“



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