Department of Clinical Pharmacy

LSMU Faculty of Pharmacy
Department of Clinical Pharmacy
Address: Sukileliu pr. 13, 50162 Kaunas, Lithuania
Phone: +370 37 327291


About us
The Department of Clinical Pharmacy was established in 2011 in response to an increasing demand from the society and the health care system to give pharmaceutical professionals necessary knowledge and competences to take responsibility for ensuring safe and effective use of medicines and to participate efficiently in the teamwork with other medical professionals: doctors, nursing staff and public health specialists. Studies in clinical pharmacy will provide opportunities for a closer cooperation between doctors and pharmacists with the ultimate goal - provide patient care that optimizes medication therapy and promotes health, wellness, and disease prevention. From the moment of establishment, the Department of Clinical Pharmacy has been headed by professor Vitalis Briedis.
Currently, there are 11 employees in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy: 2 professors, 1 associate professor, 3 lecturers and 4 assistant lecturers. There are also 5 doctoral students implementing research projects in the Department.

The Department of Clinical Pharmacy is responsible for teaching the following compulsory courses in the integrated study programme of pharmacy: biopharmaceutics, clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical biotechnology and development of medicinal products. Also, the Department participates in formulating biopharmaceutics and clinical pharmacy tasks for practical activities and training in pharmacy practice in public and/or hospital pharmacies.
Compulsory subjects
Complementary courses in the pharmacy program: biopharmaceutics, clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical biotechnology and development of medicinal products
Complementary courses in the KTU-LSMU joint master‘s studies program “Medicinal chemistry”: ,,Drug development“ and ,,Scientific research practice“.

Elective subjects
KTU-LSMU joint master‘s studies program “Medicinal chemistry” elective courses: „Research Project 1“ in the 1st year, and „Research Project 2“ in the 2nd year.


Main research areas and research topics:
- Clinical aspects of safe and efficient application of medicinal products;
- Biopharmaceutics of drugs – pharmaceutical and physiological factors influencing bioavailability of drug substances and biologically active components.
- Biopharmaceutical evaluation of semi-solid and solid dosage forms;
- Permeability of drugs through biological membranes: modeling and in vitro / in vivo studies;
- Effect of pharmaceutical factors on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of medicinal products;
- Creation of innovative advanced therapy medicinal products.


Projects since 2010

1. The project of the scientific groups of the Lithuanian Science Council ,, Separation of anticancer fractions from willow-herb and their molecular and biological analysis “ Nr. MIP-084/2012. 2012-2014;

2. Project "Development and updating of infrastructure for biotechnology and biopharmaceutical specialist training and R & D activities" (BIOTEFA-C/D). 2012-2014;

3. Project Lithuanian Science Council, National Science Program "Healthy and Safe Food" „ Selection of buckwheat breeds and cultivation conditions, development of technologies for increasing the functional components“. 2014-2015;

4. The commercialization of the dermatological cosmetics line "Mother and Baby" (Derma). UAB "Cordata LT" (KTU-LSMU). MITA. 2015-2016;

5. The project of the scientific groups of the Lithuanian Science Council  „Production and analysis of functional nano,micro textile materials with biological active compounds (TEXTILBAC)“ – (KTU-LSMU). 2014–2016;

6. Project „Evaluation of Ex vivo penetration into the skin of propolis flavonoids“ Nr. 01.2.1-MITA-K-824. 2017–2018.


Cooperation and business partnership
The Department of Clinical Pharmacy is developing collaborations with scientists from the University of Gdansk (Poland), Riga Stradinš University (Latvia), University of Tartu (Estonia), Universities of Montpellier and Lille (France), Brno Veterinary and Pharmacy University (Czech Republic), University of Cagliari (Italy) , UAB ,,Dermedika“.