Department of Preventive and Pediatric Dentistry

LSMU MA Faculty of Odontology
Department of Preventive and Pediatric Dentistry   
Address: J. Lukšos-Daumanto str. 6, LT-50106 Kaunas 
Phone: +370 37 388192 
Prof. Julija Narbutaitė 
Head of the Department of Preventive and Pediatric Dentistry 
Phone: +370 37 411236 
Dovilė Guobužaitė 
Study administrator 
Phone: +370 37 388192 
About Department
Students’ education, patients’ treatment, conducting research in the field, continuing education for dentists are main activities of the Depertment of Preventive and Paediatric Dentistry. Third year Dental students are studying Prevention of Oral Diseases, fourth and fifth year - Paediatric Dentistry, and Clinical Practice in Paediatric Dentistry. A considerable part of the studies for first, second, third and fourth year Dental Hygiene students is provided by the department. The undergraduate curriculum in Paediatric Dentistry is focusing on all topics within the subject of paediatric dentistry. Considerable part of the curriculum comprises clinical practice supervised by the teachers who are experienced clinicians as well. Lectures, seminars, small-group tutorials, clinical practice, self-studies are components of the studies with an individual critical evaluation of scientific literature. 
Field of research – analysis of dental caries and periodontal diseases etiopathogenesis, epidemiology, prevention and treatment methods in children and adults, the supervisor - prof. Julija Narbutaitė. 
Current research includes the epidemiology, etiology, prevention and minimal invasive treatment of dental disease in children and young people. The research takes place in collaboration with researchers within and outside the department, including international. 
Postgraduate studies
Postgraduate education in Paediatric Dentistry is 3 years programme aiming to train the postgraduate students become competent specialists in their field. Patients’ treatment competences are obtained during treatment of a great number of different patients from 0 to 18 years of age. 
Clinical practice 
The department accepts patients reffered for dental treatment from all regions of the country. Patients with early childhood caries, complicated traumatic dental injuries, diseases of hard dental tissues, periodontal and oral musoca diseases, rare genetic disorders are consulted. Minimal invasive technique in operative dental caries treatment is applied. The specialists have special competences within dental treatment under general anaesthesia. A considerable attention is focused on preparation and implementation of programmes of dental caries prevention. Proffesional oral hygiene is performed, besides personal risk of caries development is evaluated