Second-cycle study program "Health Promotion and Rehabilitation"

Study Committee of the Second cycle study program "Health Promotion and Rehabilitation"

Assoc. prof. PhD Lina Leimonienė, Clinic of Rehabilitation (Chairman of the Committee)

Prof. Raimondas Savickas, Clinic of Rehabilitation

Assoc. prof. PhD Audronė Prasauskienė, Clinic for Rehabilitation of Children

Assoc. prof. PhD Laimonas Šiupšinskas, Sport Institute

Assoc. prof. PhD Vilma Mauriciene, Institute of Sport

PhD Victoria Repšaitė, Institute of Sport

Assist. Vilija Kraujalienė, Department of Languages and Education

Social Partner - Gintarė Vaitkienė, RVUL, Physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor

Delegated Representatives of Student Delegations