Scientific activities

The numerous international relations of the Faculty are continually strengthened, replenished and honoured. Networking, research projects, student and teacher exchange programmes, as well as short visits and intensive programmes within Europe and overseas are part of the Faculty’s daily life.

Currently, the research topic of the Faculty is "Preparation and implementation of medical, social, rehabilitation and nursing programmes for patients and disabled people with significant disorders of biosocial functions on the in-patient and out-patient level".

More detailed information on scientific activities and participation in research projects is provided in the websites of the Departments of the Faculty.

In Lithuania, only LSMU has the right to carry out doctoral studies in the field of Nursing.

2015-2020 Faculty of Nursing carry out this topics of scientific activities:

  • Clinical Department of Geriatrics: "Research and Development of Healthy Aging Assumptions". Head of the topic: prof. Vita Lesauskaitė
  • Department of Nursing and Care:

   - "Evidence-Based Nursing and the Development of Professional Values". Head of the topic: prof. Aurelija Blaževičienė
   - "Spirituality in Healthcare: Quality of Patient Spiritual Care and Spiritual Excellence in Healthcare Professionals -
     Interdisciplinary Access“ Head of the topic: prof. Olga Riklikienė

  •  Clinical Department of Rehabilitation: "Assessment of patients' biopsychosocial disorders and their correction in rehabilitation". Head of the topic: assoc. prof. PhD Raimondas Kubilius
  • Clinical Department of Children‘s Rehabilitation: "Children's Development and Functional Disorders". Head of the topic: assoc. prof. PhD Audronė Prasauskienė
  • Institute of Sports: "Integrated Physical Health Assessment from a Multidisciplinary Perspective". Head of the topic: prof. Rimtautas Gudas


Scientific projects