Department of Rehabilitation

Department of Rehabilitation
Head – Raimondas KUBILIUSprofessor, PhD

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Address: Hospital of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
Eivenių g. 2, LT –50009 Kaunas,Lithuania
Phone/fax. (+370 37) 326495


Inga FALENTINIENĖ, study administrator,, phone (+37037) 326395

Rūta SMALINSKAITĖ, administrator,, phone (+37037) 326395


The Department of Rehabilitation was established at the Faculty of Medicine in Kaunas Medical Academy in 1991, and since 1992 has been in the structure of the Faculty of Nursing. The Department of Rehabilitation has actively participated in the preparation, registration and execution of the first cycle study programmes Occupational Therapy (2001) and Physical Therapy (2002), the second cycle study programmes Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (2010), Health Rehabilitation through Physical Exercise (2011) and Art Therapy (2013).

The Mission of the Department of Rehabilitation is to prepare highly qualified specialists in rehabilitation and form their attitudes and values, be leaders in preparation of highly skilled occupational therapists and physical therapists for the health care sector and participate in the creation of health policy strategies. 


The Department of Rehabilitation is responsible for execution of the following study programmes:

Study programme Occupational Therapy is for the graduates from the secondary school. The principal aim of the study programme is to educate and train highly qualified specialists of occupational therapy, who are capable of keeping abreast of the newest scientific knowledge and its critical analysis in order to apply treatment and prevention in all health care and educational institutions. The study programme consists of 240 ECTS credits (6400 hours). The qualification degree granted is Bachelor of Rehabilitation, and the professional qualification of Occupational Therapist is given.

Study programme Physical Therapy. The principal aim of the study Program is to educate and train highly qualified specialists of physical therapy, who are capable of keeping abreast of the newest scientific knowledge and its critical analysis in order to apply treatment and prevention in all health care, educational institutions Length of the study in this programme is 4 years. Programme consists of 240 ECTS credits (6400 hours). Qualification degree is Bachelour of Rehabilitation, and professional qualification Physical Therapist is given after completion of the study program.

Study programme Health promotion and rehabilitation.  The aim of the study program is to deepen student’s knowledge about the modern health promotion and   rehabilitation  science   issues,   diagnosis, prevention and rehabilitation  strategies. To develop  students  ability  to  independently  carry out scientific research, analyze and interpret their results,  apply  the  results  in  practice.  Improve students  practical  skills  to  solve  the  problems  in unexpected    new    practical    situations,    adopt innovative, research - based solutions. Length of the study in this programme is 1,5 years. Programme consists of  900 ECTS credits. ). Qualification degree is Master‘s degree in rehabilitation.

Study programme Art Therapy is a joint programme between the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and Vilnius Art Academy, The Faculty of Kaunas. There are two forms of studies programmes: a 2-year full-time programme or a 3-year continuing studies programme, both covering 120 ECTS credits. At the end of the studies all students will have to defend the final Master’s thesis. Qualification degree is Master of Medicine and Health Care. Art therapeutists will be able to provide services for children or adolescents with special needs, adults and elderly people in rehabilitation institutions and sanatoriums, mental health centres, other health care or social service institutions or crisis centres.

Residency study programme Physical medicine and rehabilitation. The programme has a 3 year residency course. Every year, 6-7 young doctors complete their physical and rehabilitation residency.

Teachers of the Department of Rehabilitation participate in many others study programmes: Medicine, Odontology, Public Health, Social Work in Medicine, Nursing, Animal Sciences, Management of Animal Recourses,     doctoral study programme Nursing. Department of Rehabilitation organizes 10 postgraduate study programs.

There are 4 student scientific groups: rehabilitation (assoc. prof. Lina Varžaitytė), occupational therapy (assoc. prof.  Jolita Rapolienė), physicsl therapy (assoc. prof. Gražina Krutulytė), sport medicine (Povilas Valentukonis).


Currently the department is participating in scientific research "Evaluation of Biopsychosocial Disorders of Patients and Their Correction in Rehabilitation".  Scientific work is carried out by 5 doctoral students and clinic staff.

The Department of Rehabilitation participates in the following projects:

  • Automatic algorithms for atrial fibrillation risk prediction after acute myocardial infarction (Nr. MIP-15391, duration: 2015-2017)
  • Research work "High-Power Laser Impact Assessment in Clinically Deferred Chronic Constipation of Plantar Pancreas, Achilles Tendon" (duration: 2015-2019).

International Relations

We belong to international organizations:

European Network of High School Physical Education (ENPHE)

European Network of Higher Occupational Therapy Schools (ENOTHE)

European Conservative of Arts Therapy Training (ECARTE)

The department cooperates with Bergen University College (Norway), Olsztyn University (Poland), Wisconsin-Madison University (USA), PXL University College (Belgium), Ulmo University (Germany). Contract with Jana Kochanowski at Kielcach University (Poland).

Intercourse are developed with Kazakhstan: teachers of the department go to conduct lectures about rehabilitation for specialists of health care.