Department of Geriatrics

LSMU Faculty of Nursing
Clinical Department of Geriatrics
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  Prof. Vita Lesauskaitė
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Study administrator
Agnė Raudonienė
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The Clinic of Geriatrics was established in 1995 and belongs to the Faculty of Nursing. The main activities of the Clinic include undergraduate and postgraduate education on gerontology and geriatrics of medical students, nursing students (undergraduate and postgraduate), master’s degree students in physical therapy and rehabilitation (occupational therapists and physical therapists), and clinicians as part of continuing medical education (courses on gerontology and geriatrics for family doctors and internists as well as geriatricians), research focused on health and social care provision and nursing of the elderly aiming at their quality of life, and clinical practice in Kaunas Clinical Hospital where the clinic is affiliated. In the hospital, doctors of the Clinic of Geriatrics give consultations in the Memory Problems Office and in every department where geriatrician’s consultation is needed.

During the last ten years, the Clinic of Geriatric was a partner in international research projects: Enabling Technologies for Persons with Dementia (ENABLE, EC 5th FP), Increasing the Participation of Elderly in Clinical Trials (PREDICT, EC 7th FP), Functional State Evaluation System with Distributed Intellect for Elderly and Disabled persons (EDFAS), A Guardian Angel for the Extended Home Environment (GUARANTEE), and Kaunas Healthy Ageing Study. The Clinic also collaborates with Nordic Network in Dementia Diagnostics and InterRAI network.


The staff of the Clinic of Geriatrics is actively involved in development activities of creating the geriatric care system in Lithuania and have been included into the working groups of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Care when preparing the medical norm MN 71 'Doctor geriatrician: rights, duties, competencies and responsibilities', special requirements for in-patient geriatric care delivery, programme of development of  geriatric care, etc. The members of the Clinic also participated in the workshop organised by Kaunas County Administration, planning the system for persons with dementia in the county.

The Clinic of Geriatrics constantly has doctoral students, and the results of their research are implememented into practice and are used to clarify the need of geriatric care in Lithuania.



The Clinic of Geriatrics is responsible for residency in geriatrics, preparing doctors geriatricians. This programme began in the year 2000. In the Clinic of Geriatrics, nurses seeking the bachelor’s and the master's degree,  occupational therapists and physical therapists seeking the master’s degree are trained. Here, medical students of the 6th year have  a course on gerontology and geriatrics. Doctoral students - nurses and medical doctors - also study in the Clinic. Postgraduate courses on gerontology and geriatrics are available for family doctors, internists and geriatricians.

Research: The research is focused on the quality of life in the elderly with chronic diseases, dementia, and gerontological nursing problems. The Clinic has participated in a number of above mentioned international research projects.