Department of Children‘s Rehabilitation

Department of Children‘s Rehabilitation
Address: Lopšelio g. 10, Kaunas, Lithuanian
Phone/fax +370 37 260 425






  Audronė Prasauskienė, Assoc. Prof, dr.
  Phone/fax +370 37 260 425



Study administrator 
Ingrida Banikonė
Phone/fax +370 37 260 425


About department

Since 2014, Children’s Rehabilitation Clinic has been established. Children’s Rehabilitation Clinic, where health care services for children with developmental and biosocial functions disorders are provided; research, master studies and other educational activities are carried out.


  1. Organize of study, science research and health care work.
  2. Prepare plans of specialities and specialization studies, programs of teaching plans.
  3. To organize specialists improvement and re-qualification.
  4. Efficiently usage of equipments intended for science, study and health care.
  5. To prepare scientific articles, manuals, books for studying and other instrumentality for studies.
  6. Consider and submit proposals for candidates in pedagogical, head of Clinics department and laboratory staff which counts into the composition of it and into the competitions place for chief, and confirm candidature.
  7. Participate in Center of open access according to procedures established by university when the Center of open access is formed by the basis of Clinics department.

Scientific activities

Currently, these scientific researches are carried out:

  1. Prevalence of cerebral palsy in Kaunas county, part II (investigating  children who was born in 1999-2008).
  2.  Epidemiology of myelomeningocele and quality of life in Lithuania.

Study programme

Master degree programmes:

  1. Physical medicine and rehabilitation (full-time and part-time)
  2. Health rehabilitation through physical
  3. Exercise (full-time)
    1. Art therapy (a joint programme between the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and Vilnius Art Academy, The Faculty of Kaunas) (full-time and part-time)
  4. Health promotion and rehabilitation (Children‘s rehabilitation) (full-time)
  5. Health Psychology (full-time)

Refresher courses:

  1. Botuline on toxin in management of children‘s spasticity (36 h)
  2. Autism new diagnostic and therapy methods (36 h)
  3. Children's speech, languages and eating disorders. Assessment and therapy. (36 h)
  4. Palliative care. Peculiarities of palliative care for children and adolescents (36 h)