The Autumn Present to Incoming Erasmus+ Students and Their Mentors


        The trip to the Lithuanian seaside took place on 7-8 October and was planned for the international ERASMUS+ students who came to study at LSMU and their mentors – the students who are taking care of them and supporting during the exchange period. There were plenty of interested participants who were about to spend one of the first October weekends at the seaside – the number of travellers was more than 60 and the majority – ERASMUS+ incoming students.

          The first part of the trip was planned in one of the most wonderful Lithuanian seaboards called Neringa. It is located in westernmost Lithuania and is well known around the country and abroad. The group was joined by the guide who was telling interesting historical, geographical facts about this land, nature and worth seeing places in this region. The first stop in Parnidžio kopa left students to be amazed by the beautiful surrounding area. There they were able to walk in the huge sand dunes, make some photos for the memories and check the famous sundial. Later on the group visited Nida town and explored the old cemetery and the amber gallery-museum. The students had an opportunity to listen to a short lecture about amber, which is well known as Lithuanian gold, and also get some special souvenirs. Moreover, foreign students were delighted to taste traditional smoked fish just by the Curonian Lagoon and after that, despite strong wind and rain, stopped at the Baltic sea.

          Later in the evening, the whole group of students stayed in the hotel located in the centre of Klaipėda city and there they had some free time to relax, get to know each other better, check cultural and entertainment places.

          On Sunday morning the young tourists went on a sightseeing tour with the guide and checked the most beautiful and worth visit places in the old town. They listened to some important historical facts of the region, enjoyed the view of ships and yachts. Even though, the sun was shining through the clouds but strong wind will not let them forget that the seaport is one of the windiest places in this country.

          On their way back to Kaunas, the students shared the impression of the adventurous weekend and promised to visit the Baltic seaside in the summer season.