International Celebration of Physiologists Held in Kaunas

On 26-29 August, the meeting of the European Physiological Association and the Baltic Societies of Physiologists is held in Kaunas. More than 300 participants from over 35 countries of the world are taking part in it. They are from such countries as Brazil, Turkey, Norway, Republic of South Africa, Sudan, etc.

The conference was welcomed by the LSMU Vice-Rector Prof. Vaiva Lesauskaitė and Prof. Markus Hecker (Germany).

Prof. Edgaras Stankevičius, the head of LSMU Institute of Physiology and Pharmacology, expressed his joy regarding this first event of such level held in Kaunas, Lithuania and the entire Baltic region, as the participants came not only from the EU, but also from other countries.

‘We are glad that the event is held in Kaunas. Kaunas Society of Physiologists started its activity already in 1955, and the subject of physiology was first taught in 1922’.

‘The opportunity to organize such a congress has to be earned and even won’, told one of the organizers, Simona Stankevičiūtė, the President of the Society of Young Physiologists. ‘Such an international event is the result of the work of the Lithuanian Physiological Society. The most famous physiologists of the world and the leaders of their area gathered in Lithuania for the first time. The lecturers of the event are the prominent connoisseurs of neurophysiology, cardiovascular physiology, pharmacology and clinical pharmacology’.

The event is going to last for 4 days. The first day is introductory and it is dedicated to young physiologists, their works and presentations, as well as to teach the science of physiology. The general lecture delivered by Prof. Deniz Atasoy (Turkey), the well-known physiologist, is meant for all. The remaining 3 days of the event will be used to discuss the most topical and tender issues of present physiology. The world-renowned lecturers are going to make presentations, and the stand reports are going to be presented. Moreover, the discussion on the publication of scientific articles is going to be held. We expect that the event will interest the community of physiologists, and will also induce the students’ interest in physiology.