Freshers’ Camp 2017


This year’s Freshers’ Camp was the biggest one so far. More than 130 students arrived in Guosta on Friday, 15 September. Surrounded by fields and forest, right by a big lake, we spent the weekend meeting new people and making memories together – for the best possible start into a new life as international students in Lithuania.

After arriving, introduction games and learning names, the first night was all about a quiz. The topics of the questions were as well medical as just randomly picked and the teams had to answer them as quick as possible. The assembly hall in Guosta was the place to be. Friendships were created and could be strengthened after the event. Either in the dining area, where we sat together talking and laughing until late night or at the campfire, where songs were sung to the sound of the guitar.

The next morning started with sports, much to the disliking of those who stayed up a little bit too late or are just not meant to be morning people. Yet, everyone participated and here and there you could see a smile on their faces, when they had to turn in circles, clap or jump and were struggling with it in these early hours. Later the freshers agreed that this was by far the most entertaining activity on camp, although the hardest.

After having pancakes for breakfast, everyone attended the events of the day. Since there were so many people, they were divided into two groups to participate in different activities parallel and later swap.

One group was split into teams who competed with each other in sports. If it was soccer, volleyball or basketball – the freshers gave it their all and we found some outstanding talents!

The scavenger hunt consisted of 10 different games that had to be played while the time was stopped. Run with a spoon in your mouth to carry an egg, solve an agility parcours blindfolded or reach a target as a group of people tied to one other – nothing was too difficult, no task too much for our future doctors, vets and odontologists.

After lunch the groups swapped the activities and cheering and laughter could be heard all day long whenever someone hit a goal or did especially well.

The free time in between activities was mostly spent swimming, sunbathing or paddling on the lake. Luckily the sun was shining all Saturday, as if Lithuania was warmly welcoming our new freshers and showing off all its beauty.

“The minute to win it” – this was the last big challenge waiting for our freshers. TicTacs had to be shaken, oranges had to reach their goals with the help of bananas and paper tissue boxes had to be emptied. Although this might sound very weird at first, it was a lot of fun, especially for the viewers – until it was their turn to take up a challenge.

The second night was mostly about music. We danced until early in the morning and there were complaints that the party stopped before breakfast – but there were pancakes, so who could resist that?

On Sunday we went back to Kaunas, exhausted but happy. And with a lot of amazing memories in our luggage. Let us hope that there will be many more!