Statistical databases

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SPSS Campus Professional Desktop package is installed on Computers No. 120 in the Computer Lab (the IVth floor) and in the VA Library (on 5 computers). The package of software enables to make comprehensive preparation of data and statistical analysis.



The Health Indicators of Lithuania - representation and analysis computer system of health statistics indexes. The user using the package of data representation and analysis can easily and quickly find population health indexes and health institutions activity indexes, to present them in graphs and tables, to compare administrative territorial units and different indexes per year. 

The off-line version can be downloaded as archive file: (version of October 2017) 

Health Statistics / Institute of Hygiene

Health Statistics of Lithuania/ Lietuvos sveikatos statistika

Statistics Lithuania: main Lithuanian indicators


HFA-DB (European health for all database) – the main source of statistical information of World Health Organisation Europe regional office about the health of European population. DB is renewed twice a year, there are presented approximately 600 indexes from 53 countries in the base (demographical, health condition, factors influencing health, health care and similarly.) The data are presented in graphs, charts, maps and others.

WHOSISinteractive statistical information system of WHO (World Health Organization), encompassing the data from 193 countries. There are more than 100 indexes in the data base, which enables  searching according to the needs of users. The data are presented in tables, maps, charts and similarly.

EUROSTAT –  Eurostat's mission: to be the leading provider of high quality statistics on Europe.