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Library Entrance Security System works: I–V (and on national holidays) 19.00–7.00, VI–VII 10.00–22.00Additional entrance control data options have been installed in the library. Library users can use various identity documents (Lithuanian Student ID, ISIC, LSMU Gymnasium Certificate). You can register the data of your documents (LSP, ISIC, LSMU Gymnasium Certificate) that cannot be read by the Library Entrance Security System at the service desk on the 1st floor during the working hours. An International Student Certificate (ISIC) must have a microchip.


If you cannot connect, we recommend:
* Make sure that you are using the latest version of your web browser;
* If the web browser indicates that the security certificate has expired, make sure that the correct date is set on your computer. If not, change it or accept the security exception; 
* Try to use another web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera).
* When using Wi-Fi, you must update the operating system used in accordance with recommendations of the device. The update does not cause any inconvenience to Wi-Fi. If you are still unable to connect to Wi-Fi with your device, please come to the Library: the 1st floor, room 105.


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LSMU Virtual Library

LSMU Virtual Library ( is an integral search system which enables to browse LSMU Library and Information Centre resources, Lithuanian Academic Electronic Library eLABa, subscribed databases, other databases and electronic resources, LIBIS catalogue that covers resources stored in Lithuanian public libraries. The system enables to order publications stored in the library; to set automatic sending of news to an e-mail; to add search results and requests to your e-shelf.

For registration use LSMU general username and password (FirstClass, LSMUSIS, LSMU e-mail, etc.).

Please write for technical support -, tel. (8-37) 39 58 03, local tel. 1008. 

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LSMU Library electronic catalogue

LSMU library electronic catalogue ( includes all textbooks and educational literature, all periodicals and all dissertations (LSMU MA and VA). Other library‘s publications are added into the e-catalogue since 1993, but every year electronic catalogue is supplemented constantly with publications from previous years. The books and documents can be ordered only after registration in e-catalogue. For registration use LSMU general username and password.

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 LSMU Science Publications

There are more than 78 000 described MA and VA staff publications: monographs, textbooks, scientific papers and other documents. The publications of MA staff have been described since 1950. The publications of VA and VA institutes staff have been described since 2001. In the publications‘ database, it is possible to make a search by the author, the title of publication or source, keywords, etc. 

For registration use LSMU general username and password (LSMU e-mail, etc.).

Institution - Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.