Electronic Thesis & Dissertation (ETD) Submission

Procedure for submitting LUHS final theses and doctoral dissertation electronic documents (ETD) to the LSMU Scientific Information System CRIS Repository:

20 days before the date of the public defense, students (doctoral students 30 days before the defense) must submit the ETD to the Repository according to ETD submission instructions.

Main stages of ETD submission:
1. Student registration in the Repository and login;
2. Metadata* about the student, title, 3-5 key words, summaries in Lithuanian and English, ETD responsible persons and other submission data;
3. Submission of the ETD work file (the main file must be submitted in PDF format);
4. Approval of the license agreement;
5. The student will receive confirmation information about the submission of the ETD to LUHS CRIS by e-mail. Students must forward the received e-mail to the persons responsible for their final work (supervisor, reviewers, doctoral students - to the entire defense commission).

If you have any questions regarding the submission of the ETD, please contact the responsible staff at tel.: (8 37) 39 60 43.

* Metadata - data about the Work (author, title, keywords, etc.).