Electronic Thesis & Dissertation (ETD) Submission

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All students must submit electronic copy of their thesis and dissertations. Thesis and dissertations are submitted through eLABa (Lithuanian Academic Electronic Library).

The Lithuanian Academic e-Library (eLABa), as a national aggregated open access (OA) repository, is online system for uploading an electronic copy of your thesis or dissertation. The aim of its establishment is to collect and store scientific production, created by Lithuanian academic community members, to provide an open access to the full-text documents not only for the members of the University community but also for society as a whole, thus increasing the visibility, readability and citation of this production.

The largest collection of the full-text e-documents stored in the eLABa repositories is ETD collection (bachelor and master theses, doctoral dissertations and their summaries). The objectives of Lithuanian ETD IS are to improve the quality of the graduate works and provide access to research results. Creation, storage and presentation of electronic documents of master student theses, doctoral dissertations and their summaries are very relevant for the global academic society.

For registration use LSMU general username and password (FirstClass, LSMUSIS, LSMU e-mail). Here is the instruction for submitting electronic document to eLABa:

For consultations and details: