National and International Relations

1993 – the LSMU Library and Information Centre became EAHIL (European Association for Health Information and Libraries) member. The director of the library was elected member of EAHIL council in 1998.

1993 – the library was official centre of WHO documentation.

1998 – the library became  a member of  Nordic-Baltic Association for Medical and Health Information (SMH Baltic Sea Region Cooperation). The director of the library was elected member of the council.

LUHS Library and Information Centre is one of the founders  and a member of BAML (Baltic Association for Medical Libraries) working since 2002.

2000 – The library participated  in LABA (Lithuanian Academic Libraries Director‘s Association) activity. The director was elected as a chairwoman of the association in 2002.

2002 – The library participated in LMBA  (Lithuanian Research Library Consortium). The director of the library was elected to the council of association.

The library participates in activity of the Council of Lithuanian Libraries at the Ministry of Culture of Lithuanian Republic. The Director of the library is a member of the Council.