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Reach for your dream

There is no doubt that a lot of questions come to your mind before you decide which school you want to attend. How can you decide what is the best choice for you? What must you consider in evaluating these schools? And will you be able to obtain a residency wherever you want after you graduate? Having graduated from Kaunas University of Medicine (from 1st September 2010, University has changed the name to Lithuanian University of Health Sciences) I would like to have the opportunity to share my experience with all those who are considering KMU and provide a framework for the success of its graduates.
From the very beginning after I finished my high school, my dream was to study medicine in the United States, since it is known from the best countries in this field if it was not the leader. Because the competition for admission to medical schools in the United States is extremely strong, I started searching for an alternative school which meets the standards that enables me to obtain my residency over there "USA". And after a long search and research my choice fell on Kaunas University of Medicine and I consider myself a lucky guy. Why not? This school offered all the knowledge and the skills I needed in every possible and effective way, thanks to its strong departments and its good facilities, besides system flexibility. This school has offered me all the required courses, essential clinical skills and the experience that I need to believe in myself and be confident with dealing with patients. It felt right to me and I was comfortable with its size and location. No matter you are living inside the campus or outside, u still can reach your classes within few minutes thanks to the good transportation system and to the great location of the school. And the best part was the social life where I met tens of nationalities from all over the world who came to study in the same university. This gave me a chance to know and get familiar with a lot of different traditions and cultures.
Finally my dream came true thanks to KMU. I have achieved my goal in being accepted in the American residency program. Yes this student who studied in KMU has mastered the US medical licensing exams with high scores. You have to know that through hard work and perseverance you can achieve what you seek and what you seek had the potential to take you wherever you like in your lives. In short KMU was the place in which I grew as a person and as a professional. I was challenged to study more than I thought possible and pick myself up when I fall down.

Ali Charif
KMU graduate, 2008