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Privileged to study here

One might question my judgment of deciding to study in Lithuania, a country that I myself knew so little about. But let me put it straight - that was one decision that I have never regretted. Even when I find myself thousands of miles away from home, I consider it a privilege to live and study in such a beautiful place. This is climatically a cold country, but blessed with so many warm people!
My name is Joel John Joy. I was born and brought up in Saudi Arabia to parents from Kerala, India. I am currently a final year student of Medicine, at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. There is so much to narrate about my university life here in Kaunas. To cut it short, I must say that the university has not merely given me an education, but has also taught how to live. It has catered to every aspect of my well-being.
If you'd like to contact me for any queries regarding the studies at the LUHS, you are more than welcome to write me at triplej69@gmail.com.

Joel John Joy
Faculty of Medicine
LSMU graduate, 2011