Graduation 2018

This year there are more Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) alumni than last year – 1295 students in all received the diplomas (in 2017 – 1267), out of which 70 with honours. Among the alumni, there are 99 international students (in 2017 – 101). Most of the diplomas were given to the future physicians. Qualified graduates in 4 new prospective study fields finished their studies this year.

“This year is special. You are lucky youth, because you receive the diplomas on the occasion of the Hundredth Anniversary of the Restored State of Lithuania. This is a huge celebration for our all country and you”, - the LSMU Rector Professor Remigijus Žaliūnas addressed the alumni. 
The Rector reminded that a university diploma is only the beginning of a long road of development and wished the graduates to make use of the huge possibilities and prospects of the acquired education. 

The Vice-Rector for Studies Prof. Kęstutis Petrikonis underlined that the University after having dedicated considerable attention to the quality of studies may already evaluate the feedback of this effort. The lecturers’ competence has increased, student trainings of effective studying are organised, a study-friendly environment has been created, and there are more places for high quality learning.
This year there are graduates in 4 new up-and-coming study programmes. In spring the first Masters of Lifestyle Medicine finished their studies. The graduation diplomas were recently delivered to the Masters of the joint study programme 'Medical Chemistry' with Kaunas Technological University. Finally, the diplomas were awarded to the first Bachelors of the part-time studies of study programmes 'Food Science' and 'Animal Science'.
These are the 'new quality' specialists, possessing knowledge of health sciences and technologies, able to make products of great additional value for the high quality life of a human being. This is our future“. – concluded the LSMU Vice-Rector for studies. 

In 2018, 352 prospective medics, 147 odontologists, 94 pharmacists, 24 pharmacy technicians and 132 future veterinarians completed their studies. The majority of the students are going to continue their studies in residency. Most of the Bachelors this year are from the Nursing Faculty – 67 nurses and 47 physiotherapists finished their studies. 34 Food Science, 35 Veterinary Food Care and 37 Animal Husbandry Technology specialists completed the studies. LSMU Master diplomas were awarded to 206 specialists, among which the biggest number (33) was in study programme Health Promotion and Rehabilitation”.

The number of international students at the University with the name of the most international higher education institution of the country is growing annually. At present there are 13.5 % of such students (in 2017 – 11.5%). This year has been exceptional - even 303 international first year students were admitted (in 2017 – 196) from more than 50 countries. This year international students showed particularly high academic results as well as big social activity. The university alumni are well ranked by employers – even 80% of the graduates get employed during the first year after the graduation. This is one of the best indicators in Lithuania. 

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