University Welcomes International Freshmen

Despite of COVID-19 pandemic, the University welcomes an exclusively wide group of freshmen. We are very excited to welcome newcomers to become a part of the LSMU community. The new academic year has just started, so we want to approach you in English; we hope that later, you will be able to read the news in Lithuanian as well. This year, 350 freshmen from 66 countries have joined the University: 342 students, 4 pre-medical course participants, and 4 fellowship course participants. The geography of the University community has broadened as students coming from Japan, Honduras, Venezuela, Morocco, Liberia, Albania, and Algeria were admitted. The biggest groups of students are from Sweden, Israel, Germany, and India. The most popular specialties in LSMU are Medicine, Odontology, and Veterinary Medicine. LSMU study programs in Health Psychology, Physiotherapy, Clinical Health Psychology, and Public Health Management have been launched for the first time for international students. This year, we also welcome 26 international Erasmus students, good to have you all here!
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International newcomers joined the wide international community, which now accounts for more than 20 percent of all LSMU students. Currently, 1331 students from 76 countries study at LSMU! Pandemic does not shut doors for knowledge, it is not stopping our International students on their way to their dream career. Despite of restrictions, more than 90 percent of all our international students managed to come to Lithuania from all around the world. Freshmen (we call them Freshers) were welcomed at the Registration week, introduced to mentors, and received some surprise presents. The introduction week began with plenty of useful information about the University, team-building activities and adaptation at the University and in Lithuania. During the introduction week after classes, International committee of students association ICOSA organized a bunch of fun activities. The culmination of the introduction week was Freshers Camp. It was a one-day fun outing at the Lithuanian open-air folk museum, where students enjoyed some great time together.

We wish to all our newcomers a great start of the academic year, smooth and fast adaptation in Lithuania and as negligible as possible cultural shock. Yet, if you feel homesick and lonely here, you absolutely need to be involved in the University sport and cultural activities, communicate with your mentors and international team. Don’t forget that two international student psychologist are working here just for you.