University invites students to take part in a new study subject ‘Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship’

The spring of 2020 has arrived with some great news! University introduces a new study subject „Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship“. Biomedical industry is one of the fastest growing areas, attracting a lot of attention from the public, business and investors. Innovations, new products in this area are met with great interest, curiosity and impatience to test it. There is a growing number of companies developing biomedical innovations, as well as start-ups offering innovative medical solutions.

The design of study programs at LSMU reflect the recent global trends. One of such trends is an increasingly widening professional profile of future doctors. Next to the medical knowledge and skills, it is also important to master the competencies in business and innovation management. The new study subject aims to provide students with these important competencies. Innovative, problem-based and experiential learning didactics, as well as guest lectures in the class will allow to master the principles of biomedical startup development and innovation management.

During their professional studies medical students observe the patients’ problems, challenges and inconveniences that often remain unsolved. Many of such observations can serve as excellent ideas for developing the new creative solutions. However, despite having a great startup idea, in most cases student lacks the necessary knowledge for turning innovation into a potentially profitable business. In the course „Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship“ students will be encouraged to look for solutions on how to improve patient diagnostics, treatment methods, processes and experiences, to look for the new approaches and innovative solutions. Besides, students will gain knowledge and skills that will allow them to go all the way from recognition and development of innovative idea to pitching this idea to the potential investors.

The study subject “Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship” (MK / EMK / M-V33) is an elective and will be delivered in the autumn semester.

We invite you to join the team of students in the subject and to be the ones who will make a difference in the future of medicine!

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