Today’s Reality – Virtual Study Exhibitions

As the pandemic touched the world, the work specifics of the International Relations and Study Center have changed. As we cannot participate in physical higher education exhibitions and thus introduce students to LSMU, on Saturday, June 27, we participated at the online study exhibition organized by “Gyanberry” company. 

The Gyanberry virtual university fair is the only multi-regional education fair, to which students from India, the Persian Gulf, the Middle East and North Africa have been invited. Prior to the exhibition, the Gyanberry company team contacted over 1,000 schools in India and the United Arab Emirates, and promoted the event to more than 130,000 students through popular apps, i.e., Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin.

 According to the organizers of the exhibition, 120,000 people contacted the Gyanberry team directly by phone/e-mail. These figures demonstrate the number of people who viewed the LSMU stand during the exhibition.

The event was attended by representatives of universities from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia. The event targeted students who were looking for opportunities to commence studies not only in the upcoming 2020 school season, but also final-year students who are still looking for a suitable country and a university study program and are planning to study in the future.

The virtual exhibition almost accurately reproduced the atmosphere of the real exhibition: each university had its own stand, and by a simple click on various exhibition inventory, the information about the respective university, study programs offered, video material and the like would pop up. For seven hours, there was a general correspondence window in which students asked various questions about LSMU, Kaunas, accommodation, study programs and other subjects of interest to them. Students wishing to have a private conversation with the University representatives had the opportunity to communicate privately by calling or chatting on the platform.

We have received a lot of interest in the programs offered by our University; we collected contacts of the interested visitors and plan on keeping in touch with them by e-mail.

This is the second virtual exhibition this year, during which we have a unique opportunity to promote and increase the awareness of LSMU in the virtual space. Virtual exhibitions is a new but very interesting experience for the whole team of the International Relations and Study Center.
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