Study Programs of LSMU Presented in the United Kingdom

1.jpg (226x169, 127x169)LSMU studies were presented at the Higher Education Fair 'The Student World' in the middle of March. The main goal of this event is to inform United Kingdom (UK) students about the benefits of studying abroad, to introduce the study programs and conditions in our university, the quality of studies, admission requirements and etc. 31 thousand students of UK have chosen to study abroad in 2017 (source: UNESCO). The country's market is huge, and studies in English language are attractive to UK pupils, because they are organized in their native language.
More than 50 representatives of higher education institutions from different countries participated in the event and were presenting their study programs. Several hundred prospective students and their parents visited Higher Education Fair 'The Student World'. The graduates of the LSMU joined the University team: graduate of the Faculty of Medicine Kamal Ragupathy and graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry Moussa Sadek. Our graduates have been actively communicating with young people and their parents, sharing their study experiences, job opportunities in the United Kingdom after graduation.
Coordinators of International programmes Agne Jašauskaitė and Simona Černiauskienė also had interviews with prospective students and their family members. The majority were interested in the 'Medicine', 'Odontology' and 'Nursing' programs. Among the opportunities for interested students in the LSMU, we also met many Lithuanian students who have completed basic education in the UK, but will seek higher education at our university. Also, during the visit to UK International team had organized an entrance examination. The selected candidates were invited to study 'Veterinary Medicine' at LSMU. 

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