Studies and Clinical Practice Opportunities at LSMU

The Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (hereinafter – LSMU) has been successfully cooperating with The Dublin International Foundation College (hereinafter – DIFC) for several years. The college delivers specialized foundation courses preparing international students for entrance into partner universities. LSMU representative has been given an opportunity to do a university presentation for DIFC students. On February 7, International Programme Coordinator Agnė Jašauskaitė has presented LSMU infrastructure, study programmes, quality assurance and accreditation tools, pre-medical courses, entrance exam to LSMU requirements, student life and student support. During this presentation people were given an overview on syllabus, which students will be studying at LSMU, discussed how students gain their practical skills at the LSMU hospital “Kauno klinikos” and explained how graduates are eligible to take the USA Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and the PLAB examination of the General Medical Council in the UK.  

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One group of young people, who were familiar with the LSMU, had found information on the LSMU website, and only wanted to find out about their concerns and to communicate with the University's representative. Other group of prospective students had actively communicated asking questions about the study quality at LSMU, competences of the professors, microclimate in the groups, extra-curricular activities, psychological help and career opportunities after graduation, how to prepare better for studies. They could get the newest informational brochures about university infrastructure and study programmes, LSMU souvenirs.   

Collaboration between LSMU and DIFC has proved already fruitful: the increase of awareness in Ireland of LSMU English-taught Medicine, Nursing, Odontology and Pharmacy study programmes; students trust our university and its study quality. On the 27th Of April the entrance exam to LSMU for DIFC applicants will take place, we hope that this visit will benefit for prospective students’ choices in the future.
text&photo: International Programme Coordinator Agnė Jašauskaitė