Splish-splash tour to Druskininkai 2019

As all the prevailing years, this year, too we had a very memorable refreshing trip called SPLISH SPLASH in collaboration with LSMU mentors programme.

As the name follows, Druskininkai is a spa town, on South of Lithuania with other main attraction such as the Aqua park and Snow arena. The trip commenced on 2nd of March and although the early reporting time of 8:30, our participants looked ever bright on our way to the first stop, the Grutas Park, where our first station for the thrilling Scavengers Hunt began.

Everyone quickly scattered to see what the park had in store for them as the organizers chased them to begin asking the question for the, ‘General Knowledge’

Station.  All the teams were very impressive and gave their best to attain the highest mark. It was joyful to see the participants give their all. Besides challenging them to the best of their knowledge, our participants learned a bit about the Lithuanian history too, as the Grutas Park hold the country's Communist-era statues.

The second station turned out to be more memorable than expected as our participants had to click a picture with their respective teams to earn the most likes on Facebook.

As the participants seemed to slowly lose energy, we headed to the Dainava Hotel to hold the last two station for the hunt.

As we allotted rooms, we quickly invited each team for a quick round of puzzles. Two teams made it to the last round, as we like to call it, ‘The Boss’ stage. The best of the best from each of the two teams had to man up to impress our beautiful coordinator Greta. Our teams sure worked hard for the price in the end.

After a long day of working hard for the scavengers hunt, everyone dispersed to finally see the famous aqua park which was steps away from the hotel we resided in. As some went for some ‘‘splish splash’’ other enjoyed the thrill of skiing in “Snow arena”.

All the organizers were appreciated for the amazing and hardworking job they did for all of us to make this trip a success.

It was all fun until suddenly everyone had to leave for back home. Even though everyone was exhausted, it was amazing to see students fill the ride back home with such energy and good memories.

Text&photos - Shristi Sukhlecha, 2nd year Medicine student