Productive visit in UAE

Representatives from Lithuanian University of Health Sciences just came back from the productive visit in Dubai, UAE.
On September 25th Head of International Students Division, Dr. Laura Sapranaviciute-Zabazlajeva has visited Providence English Private School in Sharjah, there she was warmly welcomed by school counselor Ajesh JP Nair and the group of students. Laura made a presentation about the Lithuania and University, introduced students with possibility to study in LSMU. She has also met principle of the school Mrs. Marwa Diaa Youzbachi and discussed possibilities to collaborate. On the same day Laura met with the partner of University, agent based in Dubai, Pranali Dhamankar, representing Gianberry agency and discussed the plan for the next year admission of the students to LSMU. They have shared the interest to strengthen our collaboration and to send more students from UAE to LSMU.

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On 26-27 September Laura Sapranaviciute-Zabazlajeva and Laurynas Jarukas have participated in the International Education Fair “KT UniExpo”, Dubai. Here Lithuanian University of Health Sciences stand was extremely popular as students and their parents were excited about the possibility to study health sciences for an affordable price in Europe. Participants mostly were interested in Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Health Psychology and Physiotherapy. Representatives from LSMU just came back and are very busy in writing the letters to all the interested persons from the fair. For those who wants to see us once again and has unanswered questions will have the possibility to meet LSMU representatives in the fair in November and in the tour in different international schools across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Looking forward for those inquiring minds in LSMU!