Master in Animal and Human Interaction – а programme for those, who love animals and want to help people!

Although people have lived alongside animals for thousands of years, researches in the field of Animal and Human interaction are relatively new. An animal-human bond is often defined as a mutually beneficial relationship that influences the health and well-being of both. The need for specialists assisting in therapy has been growing every year. Such disorders as autism, attention deficit and hyperactivity affect thousands of children in the world, whereas cerebral palsy is also diagnosed for numerous children. The animals properly prepared to assist in human therapy can be used to improve health of such patients. Canine therapists and equine therapists can work closely with physicians, psychologists, or specialist educators to prepare animals according to the appropriate methodologies.

If you were eager to work with the oldest human friends and helpers – dogs and horses – and you have a Bachelor in Veterinary Medicine or related sciences, choose the studies of the second cycle in Animal and Human Interaction!

kaniterapija.jpg (regular, 500x500)The study programme is intended to prepare qualified Animal and Human interaction specialists, who would be able to apply the most up-to-data information and research results for creative work with therapy-assisted and recreational animals, to select advanced breeding methods, to ensure responsible animal care and nutrition, and to develop human-animal communication skills. During 1,5 years of studies, you will learn breeding, selection, nutrition and responsible care of therapy animals, methods and technologies of possible uses of such animals, individual and group work with clients and peculiarities of such work. You will perform professional practice in rehabilitation centres, the Canine Therapy Aid Centre and other organizations that are cooperating with specialists of rehabilitation and recreation. Moreover, you can practice in Lithuania, abroad or in your native country. Under ERASMUS + and other study programmes, you will be able to go to study or practice at foreign Universities.

Upon graduation of the Master’s program in Animal and Human Interaction, you will become a professional who has knowledge how to use animals in human therapy and recreation, to work in the field of therapy-assisted animal breeding, to collaborate, exchange information within an interdisciplinary team of specialists in other fields, to work with animals in equine therapy and canine therapy centres, use those animals for recreation activities, and in dog breeders’ associations.
Specialists of such field also work as managers of zoo shops, at the State Security Service, customs, the Department of Prisons, police, animal shelters and care homes, as well as universities and research institutions.

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