LSMU medicine first-year students became members of the medical doctors’ community

A special event at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) – 450 first-year LSMU medicine students, began their path in the responsible profession of medic, and received their symbolic gift – their first white coat of a medic. Future doctors gave and oath surrounded by their friends, family, colleagues and educators and were congratulated for having joined the professional community of medics. 

Whilst congratulating the future doctors, LSMU Rector Prof. Rimantas Benetis reminded them, that the colour white is associated with moral purity, the white coat – is the symbol of the profession, duty and great responsibility. 

“About 1.2 thousand of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences lecturers are prepared to share their knowledge with you, of those more than 700 have science degrees. A year of incumbent, difficult, but interesting studies awaits you: the knowledge changes fast, new technologies are implemented,” – reminded the University’s Rector, wishing the first-year students to find a healthy balance between studies, social activities and personal leisure time. 

“Today – is an important day in your lives. From now on you will always be doctors. You will be needed – always and everywhere – Prof. Algimantas Tamelis, Dean of Faculty of Medicine at the Medicine Academy of LSMU, addressed the students.

The Dean of the Faculty stressed, that at this challenging time during the world pandemic, exceptionally interesting studies filled with novelties and discoveries await them. 

Students of Medicine were also addressed by Prof. Remigijus Žaliūnas on behalf of the LSMU professors’ community, reminded all that the celebration is the perfect occasion to begin building the pyramid of their values. 

“Amongst the fundamental values is – communication with patients. Quite often you will be their teachers, advisors, protectors, experts and comforters. Whatever the relationships may be between yourselves and the patients, they have to be grounded in humanity, responsibility. Another value – communication with colleagues: you will have to learn to work with them as a team,” spoke Prof. R. Žaliūnas. 

President of the LSMU SA Evelina Alūzaitė also congratulated the first-year students: “By putting on the white coat, you commit to respect the University, its leaders, your colleagues, the whole academic community. You also commit to study honourably, not to spread untruths, to aspire all the best for the patient.” 

The commitment to fulfil their duties responsibly and honourably – to study the science of medicine, to learn to respect the patient, lecturer, colleague – future doctors from around the world confirmed with their solemn Hippocratic oath.

Academic festivities, symbolically celebrating the beginning of the path of Doctor of Medicine, are common amongst numerous universities of medicine around the world, and particularly the USA. In our country it is a relatively new phenomenon: White coat celebration tradition is for the fourth year celebrated only at the Lithuanian University of Health Science. 

The date of the event is no accident. During the first weeks of studies the first-year students are taught the introductory subjects for their chosen profession, they are introduced to the specifics of their future occupation, conduct observational practices at family clinics. 

The white coat – is the symbol of belonging to the medical community. This celebration means, that students who have chosen studies of medicine are becoming members of the medical doctors’ community and are joining the professions. Even during the first year of studies they will interact with patients. A suffering individual expects assistance and empathy, regardless whether the white coat is worn by the just beginning or an experienced doctor. 

Medical doctors’ professional behaviour standards are now applicable to our first-year students – everyone expects professional, sensitive, wise, knowledge-based and committed behaviour from them” – stressed Prof. Algimantas Tamelis, Dean of Faculty of Medicine at the Medicine Academy of LSMU. 

Medical studies at LSMU – are one of the most popular studies, they are chosen by talented and particularly motivated students from Lithuania and other countries of the world.

At the newest prestigious Times Higher Education (THE) world university rating Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) was rated highly amongst the top 601-800 best universities of the world.