LSMU joins ECHAlliance

We are proud to announce that the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) has approved the membership of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences on the 21st of February. The alliance is one of the largest global platforms, connecting bussiness, investors, public sector, scientists and non governmental organizations. The Alliance is under close coopertaion with the European Commisssion, national and regional gvernments and influential worldwide organizations.

ECHAlliance encourages states, cities and regions to crete digital health ecosystems in order to respond various healthcare challenges. 

With the assistance of ECHAlliance succesful ecosystems are operating in Greece, Belgium, Spain, Chech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, UK, US, Canada, France, Poland and Slovenia.

Participation in the alliance will definitely strenghen international collaboration of LSMU in development and deployment of healthcare innovations.

More info:

Justina Januševičienė; Ph. No. +370 670 26450
Healthcare Innovation Development Center