LSMU Entrance Examination held in Madrid

During the first week of April international programme coordinators Rūta Antanaitienė and Aušra Surantienė visited Madrid to represent the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and to perform entrance examinations for applicants who were collected by the LSMU‘s partner „Donde Estudiar“ are were supposed to join the University’s academic community in the coming September.

During the last years some new Faculties of Medicine have been opened in Spain providing more possibilities for young people to study in homeland, therefore application amount of Spanish students at LSMU decreased a little bit. But University‘s recruitment agency „Donde Estudiar“ was successfull to collect a group of twelve applicants for the Madrid test. The examinees had shown good results and after the precise check of education certificates and interview, study places were offered to the best eight examinees. One applicant has been exempted from the entrance test because she had BSc degree in Biosciences.

Rūta and Aušra were satisfied with the outcomes of Madrid’s visit. All the young, passionate and smart people were given the opportunities to study at LSMU and join our international community of medical academics that made the trip fruitful for the institution and the young individuals alike.

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