LSMU Entrance Examination held in Dubai

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences held an entrance exam in UAE, Dubai in January 18th. University was represented by International Relations and Study Center officers, Head of International Students Division, Laura Sapranavičiūtė-Zabazlajeva and International Programs Coordinator Simona Černiauskienė.

LSMU representatives were impressed by strong motivation and good preparation of the applicants. Eight students applied to Medicine and one to Veterinary Medicine Study Programs. Nine applicants participated in the exam, even six - succeeded. One study place of Veterinary Medicine and five of Medicine were offered.    

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LSMU representatives gave a presentation about the University and Lithuania, questions of the applicants and their parents were answered. Listeners were impressed by the total view of LSMU, especially Kauno Klinikos and student support system in LSMU. Students are interested in possibility to continue their studies in Europe. During motivational interviews some of the applicants named LSMU as their top priority for the studies. Few of the applicants ranked LSMU as a second choice, by giving priority to the studies in universities in their own countries. 

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Representatives of International Relations and Study Center met an LSMU partner for student’s recruitment Dr. Muhammad Yousuf Qadri, Chief Executive in Qadri International. New study programs were presented, future collaboration discussed. Representatives informed the partner about the plans of Ministry of Foreign Affairs to open an Embassy of Lithuanian Republic in UAE. Dr. Qadri believes that it is an important step for better recruitment of students to LSMU. Previously many applicants have preferred universities in other countries because of an easier migration procedure. Next exam in Dubai will be held in June, hope to see even more motivated and ambitious future students.

text&photos: Simona Černiauskienė