Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Offers Attractive Studies for Ukrainian Citizens

This year on 19 – 21st April, two large higher education exhibitions “Education and Career – 2018” and “Education Abroad” were held in Kiev (Ukraine), where the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) study and postgraduate fellowship programmes for foreigners were presented. Visitors of the LSMU stand were familiarised with the study and postgraduate fellowship possibilities at the LSMU as well as with the Lithuanian support for the Ukrainian citizens studying in Lithuania. The University was represented by the international programme coordinator Laima Dobilienė and the Vice-Dean Alvidas Šarlauskas.

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More than 7000 visitors attended the exhibition during three days. At the LSMU stand, high school students and their family members were mostly interested in Medicine, Odontology and Veterinary Medicine study programmes. Master study programmes received less attention – there were few visitors in the exhibition looking for them. During the exhibition, the LSMU representatives met with student recruitment agencies in the Ukraine and discussed cooperation possibilities. Besides, relations with Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine from Timisoara were started. The latter university also seeks cooperation in Erasmus + programme. Collaboration opportunities were discussed with the institution which organises trainings for the Ukrainian university teachers of medicine, pharmacy and public health in foreign countries.
Studies abroad are very popular among the Ukrainian young people. The number of Ukrainian citizens going to study abroad increased from 21 thousand to 59 during the last six years. According to the statistics of the exhibition organizers, the most popular countries for studies are Poland, Germany and Russia. Study possibilities in Lithuanian universities are little known to the Ukrainian youth. Many visitors of the LSMU stand were surprised by the opportunity to study in English, which they appraise seeing the added value to the mobility of labour force.
The results of the University representation at the educational exhibition after more than five years break show considerable changes in Ukrainian higher education market over this period. The choice of studies abroad increased more than twice. There has also been improvement in the funding opportunities of the studies. A clear potential is seen in this market in offering studies in English and orienting them towards the Ukrainian youth who looks for bigger labour force opportunities.