Lithuanian AI technology holds Silicon Valley’s interest

Half a year was enough for young scientists of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) to get their developed technology recognized internationally.

Lithuanian scientists are developing an AI technology to help reduce physicians’ mechanical work they face on a daily basis, also to make different sorts of medical examinations more accurate. The novelty is firstly planned to be applied to automate the process of echocardiogram, and other fields of medicine later on.

The project was presented in many Lithuanian and international conferences and contests, also has attracted investors. One of the biggest achievements is 1st place in “Pioneer” contest of the Silicon Valley, in global and European ranking. Later this year, its representatives will have an opportunity to visit themselves Silicon Valley, where they are going to introduce the novelty to the Valley’s investors and look for potential partners.

The idea to create a unique technology first came to mind for Arnas Karužas, LSMU resident physician of cardiology, and his fellow Karolis Šablauskas, who currently works under AI development at Radbound University Medical Centre in the Netherlands.

At the moment the project is being developed by international startup “Ligence”. Developers’ team consists of medical specialists, also specialists with IT, neural network, project coordination, finance management and planning skills.

AI is not a big novelty anymore, however there are not too many successful AI products in medicine. “Our team is unique in a way that we automate the whole protocol of echocardiogram. Other companies and teams work with particular measurements or pathologies only”, says A. Karužas.