Join Psychological Resilience Groups And Get More Knowledge About Yourself

[18 December 2020] 

rutalingyte.jpg (200x200, 153x200)LSMU university takes care about international student’s psychological health and provides different services. Students can get individual psychological consultation or participate in Psychological resilience group.

During Psychological resilience group meetings students gain more knowledge about psychological health and try different practical methods of self-help. There are 5 meetings with the same group members (or almost the same group members), where students go deeper into these topics: Recognition of emotions, Stress, Relaxation techniques, Plan to improve psychological health, Self-esteem strengthening and personal growth. Meetings are remotely (via Teams platform), once per week in English. At the group meetings participate around 10–15 students. Lector is LSMU psychologist Rūta Lingytė.

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“Participating in the Psychological resilience group has been a great experience for me. I thought we were just going to perhaps have some lectures related to mental health and that was it but I was wrong. It has exceeded my expectations, of course we learnt new things about psychology but above all we learnt how to apply all this knowledge to ourselves. Such a dynamic group, has helped me recognize my emotions, learn how to deal with them and ask for help when it is needed. We were able to talk and share with each other experiences and feelings and we all agreed in the fact that we felt understood and that we all are on the same boat. It can be hard to be a student, to live on another country, to deal with everything that is new but we have a lot of different resources to make the experience a better one. It is essential to be aware of ourselves. As students of Health Sciences we need to take care for our own health to be able to help others. Psychological resilience groups are a perfect resource to achieve this.”
Alexandra Vizcaino de la Torre, Medicine

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“Psychological resilience group positively surprised me with its openness and honesty. Lectures were interesting to follow and the balance with theoretical and practical parts were constructed really well. I highly recommend this group even if you don‘t feel like you need it, because of its open discussions you are learning new insights and practices you may never have heard of.”
Roope Oskari Irpola, Health Psychology, Bachelor‘s degree

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My experience in the ‚Psychological Resilience Group‘ has been really nice. During the group lectures, I have come to learn many new techniques and coping strategies that I had not known before. However, most importantly I have learnt to create peace from within myself and regulate my emotions, when the world around me seems out of control. This group has definitely benefit to my knowledge of personal mental health. Rūta has been especially been very warm and kind towards us – Highly recommended!”
Mahnoor Nadeem Course, MSc Clinical and Health Psychology

Would you like to be one of these students who are interested to understand ourselves more? The autumn group is about to finish, but you can join it the next time. Other group will start at February 2021. The specific time will be informed for registered students. It will be few more groups till the end of the study year. If you are interested to participate in this group, fill in the preliminary registration to Psychological resilience group Before the group you will be contacted and get the further information. If you have any questions, feel free to contact:

Rūta Lingytė, Psychologist, International Relations and Study Center, Department of Health Psychology