Introducing Physiotherapy studies at LSMU

Although it may seem no good news have been coming lately but LSMU has got some bright news to share. The university has started a new Physiotherapy study programme. The Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree is a prestigious four-year programme positioned at the cutting edge of physiotherapy education.

physiotherapy2.jpg (376x240, 360x240)The study duration is 4 years during which students study professional and medical subjects. The studies have a very strong focus on clinical practice and students complete about 1296 hours of hands-on experience as a part of the studies in a number of Lithuanian hospitals, mostly at the largest Lithuanian hospital- Kauno klinikos. Students are taught by top-level lecturers with extensive clinical experience and well-known guest lecturers from foreign universities.

The study programme prepares highly qualified physiotherapists who are able to apply latest scientific achievements while treating patients who have experienced all kind of traumas and have musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiovascular, or pulmonary disorders.

This study programme has been a member of European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education since 2012. The diploma is recognized all over the Europe. Therefore, after the graduation you have all the possibilities to choose any country for your career pursuits.

Day by day the demand for highly qualified physiotherapists is rising. Many professionals work in hospitals, rehabilitations centres, family medicine centres, other pursue their careers in private sectors treating acute sport and accidental injuries, chronic pain, back and neck problems, etc.  The work of a physiotherapist requires qualities such as love for people, willingness to help them, ability to listen, as well as leadership qualities, constant pursuit of new professional knowledge, and ability to work in a team with other medical professionals. If you have these qualities or are determined to develop them, choose these studies.

For a final decision read what Erasmus exchange student Sara Vazquez says: “I felt like home, and also the hospital coordinator Inesa Rimdeikienė was very helpful. I'd totally recommend this university… everything went very smoothly” and then join our University.