Fresher’s Camp 2021

The much-awaited, yearly Freshers’ Camp was a major blast this year! After a musical bus ride, the participants arrived at “Guosta”, prepared for a fun day full of activities and games organized specifically for the new students at LSMU to get to know each other and create bonds that would last for the duration of their long studies.

20210925_140408918x1280.jpg (regular, 359x500)Thanks to “Guosta’s“ fantastic hospitality all of the participants got to enjoy a filling lunch, after which they were all ready and excited to kick off the afternoon activities in the beautiful autumn sunshine. Activities ranged from the classic egg and spoon race and the sack race to group problem solving like attempting to de-tangle the human knot. The competitive spirit was especially strong this year because the participants could score points for their team in each activity, leading up to a big prize for the winning team at the end of the camp.

After the outdoor team-building, the freshmen had time to relax while they awaited a tasty dinner. In the evening, the leader of our organizing team, Anais, opened the game night, where the participants could put their knowledge of Lithuania and LSMU to the test with a short quiz, as well as compete in various amusing activities. The twerking game and “banana-orange push” were definite crowd-pleasers, and brought about a room full of laughter to the underlying competition.

The nightlife at Freshers’ Camp never falters, and this year was no exception. The organizers and participants celebrated together in the big hall with the music pumped to the maximum but also had a more mellow mood at the campfire with live music from a few talented musicians. The night was wild until the wee-morning hours, but then everything went quiet as everyone curled up in their cabins, getting a good rest before a full Sunday.

Following an 8:30 wake-up call, all those who managed to crawl out of bed in the morning, gathered in the sports area with their mats to do a few acro-yoga asanas, led by our resident gurus— Ilma and Aurelien. Having some morning movement was key in giving everyone a jump starts to the day, accompanied by a lovely breakfast served by the residency.

Post-breakfast, the annual Scavenger Hunt could commence. The freshers raced to discover clues hidden around the premises, completing ten highly important, almost magical, tasks that would lead them to uncover the name of a beloved childhood film. The group that managed to guess the name of the film were awarded many points, putting them in the lead to win the whole of Fresher’s Camp! They were generously rewarded by our organizers.

After Sunday’s lunch, a water polo tournament was held at the nearby lake. Some daring participants splashed around in the icy water, while the rest sat by the beach and cheered them on. The afternoon was relaxing, and everyone was free to enjoy their last hours at “Guosta” according to their own interests. Some used the sporting facilities to play volleyball, basketball, and football, while others basked in the warm sun of one of the last balmy autumn days in Lithuania.

Everyone who was at Freshers’ Camp, both the participants and the organizers, had a fun-filled weekend that is seared into their memories for a long time… or at least until next September! Freshers’ Camp is truly an annual tradition that cannot be missed!
Text: Hana Hanusova, Veterinary Medicine, 3rd-year student. Photos: Jevgenij Razgulin