ESN LSMU at the 37th National Platform of ESN Lithuania

On the weekend of the 29th till 30th of September 2018, 5 delegates of ESN LSMU went on a trip to India!

Under the topic “Welcome on board to India” the Kaunas Technical University (KTU) organized the 37th national platform of the Erasmus Student Network Lithuania.

Delegations from all universities of Lithuania (with Erasmus programme), gathered in Kaunas to discuss the future of Erasmus projects, learn soft skills, elect coordinators and international delegates and, only this time, experience diversity and Indian culture.


During the event the LSMU delegates had the opportunity to learn about the Erasmus live in other countries, as delegates from ESN Germany and ESN Poland gave an insight to their work. Budget and action plans were discussed to build the base for a successful new academic year, in which new doors have been opened and fresh, motivated people are willing to give everything to make the Erasmus experience in Lithuania great again (#nonpolitic). A new committee, responsible for finding new partners and handling the finances, was founded. The delegates learned during presentations, how to promote events, handle IT and finances and got trained in working within the ESN Lithuania system.

In the evening the delegates from LSMU put all their energy together to perform an original Indian dance and competed against other universities. Guess who was asked to perform even twice! Later they mingled with delegates from other universities and showed their knowledge during a fantastic quiz night. All of this while enjoying Indian cuisine, getting Henna-tattoos and connecting with people from all over Lithuania.


The second day of the event mostly consisted of workshops, votings and great Indian food. During the workshops, the delegates were taught in PR-skills, how to improve their productivity with open source tools, met their colleges in different positions and got to know the Erasmus Network a bit more. Later they voted for a new events manager, a new national representative, and representatives of Lithuania visiting the Council of National Representatives.

What did the delegates take with them form the event?

Besides knowledge exchange about event planning and organization, the delegates learned about basic and specific structures in the Erasmus Network, new ways to find sponsors, connected with coordinators and other important people in the network and saw how fantastic a national event can be planned.

If You got interested in what happens in the Erasmus Student Network, come visit us on Facebook as “ESN LSMU Kaunas” and start your journey of self-improvement, diversity and friendship.

Christan Brand, Vice President of ESN LSMU

Photos: Erasmus Student Network Lithuania

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