Erasmus+ Cooperation Agreement Signed between LSMU and Hiroshima University

An inter-institutional Erasmus+ cooperation agreement between the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) and Hiroshima University (HU, Japan) was signed in the LSMU on 27 September. Students and teachers exchange on both sides is planned in the agreement.

The agreement was signed by the LSMU Rector Prof. Remigijus Žaliūnas and the President of Hiroshima University (HU) Prof. Mitsuo Ochi.

The LSMU Chancellor of the Medical Academy, Prof. Daiva Rastenytė, the LSMU Vice-Rector for Clinical Medicine and Director General of the LSMU Hospital Prof. Renaldas Jurkevičius, the LSMU Vice-Rector for Studies Prof. Kęstutis Petrikonis, LSMU Dean of the International Relations and Study Centre Prof. Ingrida Janulevičienė, Hiroshima University International Office representative Mr. Hiroaki Korekuni and Kumamoto University Director at the Institute of Molecular Embryology and Genetics Prof. Ryuichi Nishinakamuraalso took part in the meeting.

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Photo: Liudas Andriušis       

Contacts in the fields of scientific and clinical activities between the LSMU and Japanese universities have been fostered for a number of years – mutual scientific projects have been submitted to Lithuanian Council of Science (LMT), the LSMU Vice-Rector for Science Prof. Vaiva Lesauskaitė has attended Japanese universities with a group of scientists several times, in 2017 a scientist from the LSMU Nephrology Clinic Agnė Gryguc went on an internship in the area of regenerative medicine to Kumamoto University.

Close and purposeful cooperation with Hiroshima University began in May, 2017 when the President of this higher educational institution and the Vice-President for international relations visited the LSMU.  During the visit, there were meetings with the LSMU Rector and the administration of the Clinics, the deputies from the specialized clinics. The guests got acquainted with the LSMU, Kaunas Clinics and Santaka valley facilities as well as with the modern Trauma and Emergency Centre.

A responsive visit of the LSMU delegation took place in October, 2017. During the visit, a cooperation agreement between the LSMU and HU was signed. It was agreed to exchange the knowledge of studies and science, implement scientific projects, exchange of students, teachers and scientists. Mutual strategic scientific directions were specified as well as prospects of the exchange of integral studies students and PhD students were set.

The inter-institutional Erasmus + cooperation agreement already envisages specific actions of the two higher education institutions and the number of teachers and students participating in the exchange programme. The first students seeking for improvement will be able to go starting with the next academic year – Erasmus+ financial support is provided for one student from Hiroshima University and two LSMU students going to this university.

Laima Dobilienė
International Programme Coordinator