Entrance examination in Israel: the last stage for the academic year 2018/2019

Ruta Antanaitienė and Kristina Kavaliauskaitė, International programme coordinators, have visited Tel-Aviv on June 24-27. Three examination sessions were held for Israeli applicants willing to start studies at LSMU in academic year 2018/2019.

21 applicant from the agency “M.D. International Studies”, 7 applicants from “Overseas Medical Education College”, 4 applicants from LSMU graduate Dr. Philip Perlov and 1 individually registered applicant have attended entrance exams and interviews.

Three of them were offered to study Odontology, twenty three - Medicine and two – Veterinary Medicine.

Each examination session has been followed by the LSMU presentation and prospective students were introduced to the structure of the University, study programmes and students’ life in Kaunas. LSMU graduates Ariel Krutouz (graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 2017), Evgeni Miroshnik (graduated from Odontology Faculty in 2015) and Philip Perlov (graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 2014) shared their experiences with the prospective students and answered their questions.


A few moments from the entrance examination:

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