Dissemination of LSMU studies programmes in Kazakhstan

On October 3rd-13th Gintarė Diliūnienė, Head of Division of International Partnerships, and Živilė Kepežinskienė, International Programme Coordinator, from LSMU International Relations and Study Center have visited Kazakhstan and represented university in “International Education Fair 2019”, organized by “Bolashaq Development Fund”. The fair took place in several cities of Kazakhstan, LSMU representatives introduced wide range of international studies in Nur-Sultan and Almaty.

Over 200 institutions from all the world took part in the event. Main group of the fair visitors consisted of last school-year students and their parents. Young people of Kazakhstan were mostly interested in Medicine and Odontology studies programmes of LSMU. In Nur-Sultan studies of Psychology attracted attention of more future students, while in Almaty programme of Veterinary appeared to be more inviting for the young people. LSMU stand was also attended by the last year students of local universities, who were interested in possibilities to continue their studies in Lithuania. All of them were in detail informed about Post-Graduate Fellowship programme. Some of doctors to-be attending the fair were highly interested in options of PhD studies.

Simultaneously during the trip G.Diliūnienė and Ž.Kepežinskienė visited local university which successfully cooperates with LSMU. In Almaty a visit was paid to KazNMU, which presently is a strategic partner of LSMU. Several questions were discussed during the meeting, including aspects of implementation of strategic partnership, possibilities of academic mobilities in Erasmus+ project as well as guidelines for further collaboration.

G.Diliūnienė with a group of Lithuanian universities representatives participating in the event went to meet Darius Vitkauskas, General Council of Lithuanian Republic in Almaty. Great to mention, that our university’s work was considered as praiseworthy because of the greatest volume of activities with Kazakhstan’s institutions.

As in the most of international events, cooperation among colleagues took place also. Ž.Kepežinskienė established primary contacts with several universities from other countries in the context of Erasmus+ academic exchange:

CAMERINO UNIVERSITY (Italy) interested in cooperation with student exchange, programmes in English are available (odontology and other), eager to sign a contract;

MARMARA UNIVERSITY (Turkey) wishes to collaborate in staff exchange, offer work-shops in Orthopedic Surgery;

Kazakhstan National Agrarian University is greatly interested in “Erasmus+” mobility options;

BAR-ILAN UNIVERSITY (Israel) also provides programmes in English, willing to exchange students, invites to participate in staff-weeks.

With confidence it may be stated that LSMU studies programmes for international students will attract some young people from Kazakhstan and they will travel to Lithuania for studies. And new contacts will be developed into a successful and fruitful cooperation in the nearest future.

text & photos: International Relations and Study Center